Aldi $6.99 laundry product people are losing their minds over: 'Blown away'

The humble laundry item that's making a big splash with Aussie shoppers

Hold onto your laundry baskets folks, Aldi has done it again. The discount retailer's latest special buy is causing a social media frenzy, and surprisingly, it's an unassuming laundry item that might go unnoticed if you don't know its purpose.

The $6.99 Joie EcoBall from Aldi is an egg-shaped plastic container housing ceramic balls that are said to offer the same cleaning power as commercial laundry detergents, but with the added benefit of fewer unpronounceable chemicals. Not to mention, this multi-use gem is designed to save you money, as you can use it repeatedly instead of constantly buying new detergent.

But does it actually work?

Aldi eco wash balls by Joie.
The Joie Eco Ball from Aldi is receiving high praise from shoppers on social media. Photo:Facebook/AldiMumsAustralia

Happy customers have flooded the popular Aldi Mums Facebook page with their resounding success stories after trying out the product.

"THIS IS AMAZING!!!!" exclaimed one thrilled mum, accompanied by an image of the Joie EcoBall she purchased from Aldi.

"Passed the scrubbed poo undies test in a regular load better than my regular detergent Biozet. $6.99 for 1000 loads," she wrote. "Get on down to the centre aisle, ladies."

Another customer was equally amazed by the results. "HAVE to share this because I'm absolutely blown away," she wrote. Initially sceptical, she decided to give it a try and said, "When I tell you... I'm never going back to laundry detergent."


Explaining her regular laundry routine, she wrote, "I only do my washes with cold water, I used one of these balls and a cup of white vinegar with clothes, and 2 of these balls with a cup of vinegar for a towel load."

Her verdict was resounding, "my washing is SO SOFT AND CLEAN! And it smells so clean! Absolutely incredible, highly recommend."

Aldi Joie Eco Ball
One group member said she will never be going back to using regular detergent. Photo: Facebook/AldiMumsAustralia

Group members wasted no time in expressing their opinions about the product in the comments section, with many agreeing they've become converts.

One user, who initially had doubts, shared her experience, stating, "I was sceptical, but I was out of laundry liquid today so I thought, what the hell. I am now a convert. Just chucked 2 into the machine, washed as normal, and blow me away, the clothes were clean and smelled fresh, not like a fake chemical smell, just fresh clean." She went on to say that she even had very dirty teenage boy clothes in the load.

'But how?'

Among the group members, there were some who remained unconvinced and curious about the mechanics behind the laundry balls, unsure of how they could possibly work.

One woman responded to queries, admitting, "I'm not a scientist and could be completely wrong," before proposing a theory, stating, "I think these work by changing the tension level of the molecules in the water. It is possible to clean without detergent as we know it."

Indeed, designed to replace the use of laundry detergent in your wash cycle, EcoBalls contain two types of ceramic balls made from natural minerals and cleaning agents. These balls elevate the water's pH level, reducing negative ions and creating a natural hydrogen peroxide-like effect. This effect, in turn, adheres to dirt particles, ensuring that clothes are left cleaner and fresher throughout the wash cycle.

Despite the product's popularity, a few individuals still held reservations. One sceptical user stated, "It's a gimmick. They aren't better than laundry detergent, or even better than just plain water in most cases. For actual dirty clothing, they aren't up to the task."

On the flip side, another user playfully chimed in with an alternative perspective, saying, "People used to wash their clothes in the of these with fresh water - can't go too far wrong."

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