The $5 Kmart item that will change the way you organise your kitchen: 'I'm impressed'

This handy kitchen tool has floored people online who have described it as practical and pretty.

Kmart recently dropped their February Home Living range and one of their budget organisation product is sending fans into a spin - and there are a few good reasons why.

The $5 Slimline Cutlery Tray is not only being praised as a home organisation game-changer, but it's a pretty convincing dupe of another almost identical tray sold in homewares stores for four times the price.

"OMG are these dupes for the Joseph & Joseph ones?" One person asked on a Facebook post about the new product. Another added: "These are fabulous, and a fraction of the cost of the originals."

Kmart cutlery tray (right) and in use (left).
The new cutlery tray is a dupe of a popular kitchen brand costing four times the price. Source: Kmart

Turning cutlery organisation on its head, the new storage solution is being hailed as both practical and pretty when it comes to sorting out the dreaded cutlery drawer.

"Kmart drawer organiser to the rescue. I’m impressed!" One happy shopper wrote of the new product on Facebook, alongside a picture of three of the slimline trays perfectly placed inside her drawer.

Instead of your typical cutlery tray which has a full vertical section for each piece of cutlery, the tray has angled compartments that sit on top of one another. The conventional storage solution means you can now store a full set of cutlery in half the space.


Kmart fans were just as impressed with the new products saying it was the ultimate solution for the one drawer that always seems to be a mess.

“I need this in my life,” one person wrote. “​​I am running to get them,” declared another.

Kmart cutlery tray in use to store children's cutlery (left) and adult cutlery (right).
Those who had already purchased the tray said it was worth the $5 for the organisation alone. Photo: Facebook

Customers show off how they're using Kmart cutlery trays

Shoppers are not only snapping up the tray to organise their cutlery drawers but for their space-saving caravan and camping storage too.

In a separate post, another shopper asked to see how others have used the tray and the results were pretty impressive.

One person had dedicated a drawer space to her kid’s cutlery, using the trays to pull together what others described as the most organised drawer they’d ever seen.

“This is amazing. Never seen kids plastics and cutlery look so organised,” one person commented.

kmart cutlery hack
Buying multiple trays saved space and kept everything tidy. Photo: Facebook

Although there was a lot of love for the new cutlery tray, not everyone seemed to be a fan. Some said the enclosed compartments looked hard to clean and that it would be hard to tell which cutlery was in each compartment.

Meanwhile, others said they wouldn’t be investing in one for a simple reason - they don’t fit the size of their drawers.

The new home living range drop certainly has all home organisation bases covered from kitchen cupboards to wardrobes and bathrooms. Some of the other stand-out pieces sending shoppers into a spin are the $39 10-piece clear drawer organiser set, the $12 clear 2-tier turntable and the $7 adjustable fridge rack.

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