The 10 kitchen organisation must-haves you need right now

A TikToker has revealed her ultimate kitchen organisation solutions - and we need every single one.

In a world of clutter and chaos, the sweet solace of an organised home is often the ultimate goal.

For many of us, achieving the harmonious balance of a well-structured kitchen is the holy grail of domestic bliss. And TikToker Corinne Mayfair is leading the way, sharing her arsenal of ultimate kitchen organisation solutions with her followers.

Stills from video about kitchen organising hacks.
Here are the 10 organisational items you need for your kitchen. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair

In a recent post on her TikTok, which she affectionately dedicates to "organising her life", Mayfair introduced a range of kitchen organisation products that she deems essential in her own home. And as fellow lovers of tidy kitchens, we can't help but applaud her choices.

Captioning the post, Mayfair wrote: "give me alllll the kitchen organisers," and girl... same.

1. Drink bottle holder

These stackable bottle holders are idea for storing drink bottles in the cupboard. Photo:
These stackable bottle holders are ideal for storing drink bottles in the cupboard. Photo:

First on the list is a drink bottle holder, perfect for those of us who store our (many, many, many!) drink bottles in the cupboard. Say goodbye to those awkwardly placed bottles rolling around everywhere; this holder keeps them neatly in place, lying on their side.


Available from The Pretty Store for $12.00 or Temu for $10.98.

2. Can dispenser

Next on Mayfair's list of must-haves is a can dispenser. Not only does this handy gadget ensure that cans are stored upright, it also dispenses them one by one...can we get an Amen?! It's like having your own personal vending machine.

Sliding can dispensers are available from Amazon for $25.99 and Temu for $44.54.

Home organisation hacks
Elevate your beverage game with drink bottle holders and can dispensers. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair

3. Food wrap dispenser

Mayfair's kitchen organisation arsenal also includes a food wrap dispenser, designed to hold and dispense cling wrap, aluminium foil, and sandwich bags in a drawer. Say goodbye to rummaging through a cluttered mess of unruly rolls!

Kitchen wrap organisers for drawers are available from Amazon for $80.93.

4. Cloth holders and 5. Glove clips

For those who keep cleaning items in under-sink cupboards, Mayfair recommends cloth holders and glove clips. These handy tools keep your cleaning essentials organised and accessible, neatly hung on the inside of your cupboard door, ready to grab at a moment's notice when you need to tackle a spill!

3-pack of kitchen towel hooks available on Amazon for $18.99.

Caption. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair
Food wrap dispensers and in-cupboard hooks are indispensable in the kitchen. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair

6. Turntables

Mayfair's kitchen is clearly well-stocked with clever gadgets, including turntables for bottles in the fridge. These make it easy to access all those sauces and condiments that often get pushed to the back of the shelf.

Clear storage turntable available from Kmart for $7.00.

7. Extendable pot holder

For the pot hoarder in all of us, Mayfair swears by an extendable pot holder. This ingenious tool keeps your pots neatly stacked in the cupboard, making them easy to retrieve when you need them.

Extendable pot holder available on Temu for $12.91.

Caption. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair
There are a variety of simple products that can up your kitchen organisation game. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair

8. Lid holders

For the ultimate lid storage solution, Mayfair suggests lid holders. These simple but game-changing devices allow you to store the lids of your pots on the door of your cupboard, keeping them within easy reach and preventing them from cluttering up your kitchen drawer.

8pcs pot lid holders available on Amazon for $12.69.

9. Air fryer liner

Ditching parchment for a reusable silicone Air Fryer Liner is a pro-tip that ensures your air fryer remains pristine, grease-free, and in top condition.

2pcs silicone air fryer liners available on Amazon for $13.59.

Caption. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair
Mayfair swears by lid holders and freezer containers to simplify organisation in her kitchen. Photo: TikTok/@corinne_mymayfair

10. Freezer organisers

Mayfair also recommends freezer organisers. These items help compartmentalise and organise your frozen food, ensuring that everything stays neat and accessible.

Freezer organisers available from Kmart for $5.00 or set of 8 on Amazon for $37.87.

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