SAS Australia's Jason Akermanis slams show for being 'fake'

The AFL legend has called out the show's editing process after he was deemed 'soft'.

Jason Akermanis on SAS Australia
Jason Akermanis on SAS Australia. Photo: Seven

AFL star Jason Akermanis has spoken out about his exit from SAS Australia, spilling behind-the-scenes tea to 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed and Erin.

After being accused of faking an injury by many SAS fans, Jason hit out at the show deciding to reclaim his narrative and unveil some hidden truths about the filming process.

'They're putting mayonnaise on everything'

After the medics suggested they weren't seeing anything within Jason's injury that would cause him to come "off the course", Ant Middleton then told Jason he had "gone soft".

Jason told Hughesy, Ed and Erin that before he had come into SAS, he had a foot injury that wasn't on his medical.


"It was painful. Anyway, it's sort of funny when you look back because I told them this many times but they didn't put it in [the medical] so I now look like I was faking it. I was out anyway, I was out of the coffin, but by nightfall which was 12 hours later we did a train sequence, and I was like 'my foot's killing me, it's not going to get better, I'm out anyway, let's do it, I'm out'," Jason said.

"I love the editing," Jason continued. "The coffins, we were in there for about 15 minutes, not 45. We ran about 2.5kms, not 10. We did a whole of other stuff, when you see the train sequence it looks like I went first but I was actually seventh, I had to wait about two-and-a-half hours to do that stupid sequence."

Jason went on to say the show doesn't show a lot of the other physical stuff the contestants do — like burpees and push-ups and soft sand running — because the audience would find it boring.

"They're putting mayonnaise on stuff that they're showing, but they're not showing the other stuff which they probably should, the other stuff is really tough," Jason said.

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