Grant Denyer reveals X-rated prank while wife Chezzi was in labour

Grant's prank on his pregnant wife apparently had the doctors in 'tears of laughter'.

Grant Denyer and his wife Chezzi are currently starring in The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition and were appearing on the Hughesy, Ed, and Erin show to talk about their stint when they revealed a rather cheeky secret.

After discussing Grant's medical episode on The Amazing Race, where he passed out due to low blood pressure, the couple opened up about a secret they'd never shared with anyone before.

In a new show segment, Secret Lives Of Sydney, Chezzi opened up about the birth of their third child and a little prank Grant decided to play.

When helping Chezzi shave to prepare for her caesarean, Grant secretly shaved an arrow down to her vulva which apparently reduced the doctors to tears of laughter.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
Grant and Chezzi Denyer have revealed a secret prank Grant played on Chezzi when she was giving birth to their third child. Photo:

Chezzi explained that before the caesarean the medical staff tell you to shave the area to make sure there's no hair 'down there' so she asked Grant to help her out because she was obviously heavily pregnant and couldn't see what she was doing.

"Shave the whole thing and get in there," Chezzi said.


She then said Grant was giggling to himself like a schoolboy. "I thought, that's weird, it's obviously bringing up some sort of fantasy for him," Chezzi continued. "Until I get on the table and all the midwives start giggling and laughing. I'm spread-eagle naked on a table, I'm thinking 'Oh my Goodness, they're laughing at my bits!'"

Meanwhile, Grant was once again in fits of laughter as Chezzi shared the tale.

"I shaved an arrow in there," Grant laughed, looking quite proud of himself. "Pointing to the area!"

"Pointing to my vagina," Chezzi clarified. "They'd never seen anything like it."

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