MAFS: Lauren's bold move after Jono and Ellie's 'cheating scandal' leaks

The fan favourite bride has broken a major rule - for a good reason.

It’s well known that one of the biggest rules Married At First Sight participants must follow while the show is airing is to wear their wedding ring no matter the outcome of their relationship.

While there are still a few weeks until the show wraps up on TV and the brides and grooms are allowed to be honest about their relationship statuses, quite a few of this year’s cast members have already gone rogue and broken this cardinal rule.

MAFS’ Lauren Dunn / Lauren and Jono.
MAFS’ Lauren Dunn has officially given up pretending that she and her partner Jono McCullough are still together. Photos: Channel Nine

Ben Walters and Tim Calwell have both been photographed with new partners in the past few weeks, while co-stars Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough shocked fans when they went public with their romance last month.

Now, it appears Lauren Dunn has officially given up the charade that she and Jono are still together by refusing to wear her wedding ring. The Perth-based bride was photographed at Cottesloe Beach over the weekend with her ring finger noticeably bare.


A source close to Lauren tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she didn’t feel like there was any point in wearing her ring out in public when Jono and Ellie had already spoiled the outcome.

“Other cast mates haven’t had a problem flaunting their new romances so Lauren felt like she didn’t need to be sticking to the rules by always wearing her ring,” the insider says.

“She’s ready to find the one and that usually doesn’t happen when you have a ring on your finger.”

MAFS’ Jono McCullough / Lauren Dunn / Ellie Dix.
Lauren has stopped wearing her wedding ring now that Jono and Ellie have gone public with their relationship. Photos: Channel Nine

What other rules do the participants have to follow?

During a recent appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast, season 10 bride Janelle Han said it’s important for participants to wear their wedding ring at all times while the show is airing “so you don’t ruin the storyline for viewers”.

“When you get opportunities to sit with media, you also get told to imagine how you felt at the time as the show is airing, so there were a lot of interviews I had to do where I knew the end result, obviously, of my relationship, but I had to sit there and be like, ‘No we're doing so well, we're getting to know each other!’,” she detailed.

“You have to pretend that you're still in that relationship until you officially leave the show."


Outside of the relationship rules, season 10 groom Ollie Skelton also revealed that participants are warned about reaching out to ex-MAFS stars ahead of their own season.

“The MAFS higher-ups would tell you not to do that, they specifically say ‘don't be friends with the ex-cast’,” he said on his episode of Behind the Edit. “I specifically remember two things: don't be friends with the press and don't be friends with the ex-cast.

“I think in retrospect, they don't want anyone with experience who has done the show or reported on the show to say ‘hey don't do this’ or ‘hey do this’.”

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