MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Ben reveals what his new partner thinks of the show

Ben opens up about finding love after Married At First Sight.

He might not have found love with his partner Ellie Dix on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but it appears Ben Walters has well and truly moved on.

The 39-year-old tour guide was photographed kissing a German woman named Aileen while on a date in Sydney last month, with an insider telling Yahoo Lifestyle the pair have been together “for a couple of months”.

MAFS’ Ben Walters / Ben kissing his new girlfriend Aileen.
MAFS’ Ben Walters has moved on from Ellie Dix with a German woman named Aileen. Photos: Channel Nine / Supplied/Matrix

During an appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast, Ben confirmed that he met Aileen “three to four weeks” after he finished filming the show last year when he was “recuperating” in Newcastle.

“I was not looking for a relationship,” he detailed. “I thought, I need to pick up the pieces. Can I even give myself? Am I even ready for this?

“I was f**king broken off the show, and I was trying to absorb all the lessons - I'm still doing that now. So I warned her like, ‘Hey, this is fantastic chemistry, we’re clicking, we have similar values and things like that but I just need a moment’, and she's been super caring and responsive. She has my back.”


Ben added that his relationship with Aileen has “organically grown” in the months since and they recently decided to move in together.

“We just decided with logistics and planning and moving forward, ‘Hang on, we can live with each other’,” he recalled. “It was after a period of time and we thought, ‘F**k it, why not?’.”

MAFS’ Ben Walters and new girlfriend Aileen.
Ben reveals that he and Aileen recently moved in together. Photo: Facebook

What does Ben's partner think of MAFS?

Understandably, Ben said it’s been tough for his partner Aileen to watch MAFS and see his love story with someone else unfold on screen.

“I've been having to help us through that. That was so hard for her,” he shared.

“But to her credit, the wedding day really helped. I had a bunch of friends and family over and Ellie's cousin was ripping into me and one of my best mates was there going, ‘Yeah, get him! Get that Ben guy!’. Like, just seeing us as characters on the screen, and we all sort of laughed.

“That was really good, that made a big shift to go, hang on, this is just a show. So that’s how she sort of interprets it now.”


Ben went on to say that watching the show with Aileen - and seeing all the “stupid s**t” he did - has ultimately strengthened their relationship.

“It's made me go, s**t, these bad things are gonna come out, but we've worked through it together,” he remarked. “It’s just made me love her more.”

Listen to Ben's full interview with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit here.

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