Kmart shoppers baffled by X-rated beauty items: 'That's a WTF moment'

According to some shoppers, Kmart needs a R18+ section. Here's why!

Kmart recently dropped a new line of beauty tools, but the new products are raising eyebrows as x-rated lookalikes.

Shoppers have flooded social media with several posts of the new range with many saying they had to look twice at what was on the shelf.

“Ummm dirty mind here anyone else? Spotted these at my local,” one shopper wrote on a Kmart fan Facebook page.

kmart x-rate beauty products
The range includes some questionable personal care beauty products. Photo: Facebook

The questionable beauty items included a microdermabrasion wand, LED Light Therapy Glasses, and a Vibrating Facial Cleanser. But what really turned heads was the $19 Vacuum Pore Cleanser thanks to its interesting design.


And although the packaging clearly states their purpose, it was the x-rated shapes and sizes that got people talking.

“Before I clicked on the pic, I didn’t know what your dirty mind was thinking but when I clicked it, I saw,” one person wrote.

“Looks like Kmart needs an R18+ section,” another quipped with a third saying “Well that was a WTF moment.”

'WTF moment!'

Meanwhile, in a separate post, another shopper said she had a hard time explaining her recent purchases to her husband who was also confused.

“Husband got a bit excited when I brought home my cosmetic beauty treatments,” One person joked of the new products.

The new facial massager - meant to help soothe and calm - also got people talking with some saying they looked like they belonged in an Adults Only shop.

“I wonder how many of these products are actually used for their intended use,” one person said.

kmart x-rate beauty products
The $19 Vacuum Pore Cleanser was particularly amusing to some shoppers. Photo: Facebook

Dozens of others said that Kmart’s design team were in on the joke and were “surely” creating the eye-catching range on purpose.

“I swear they do it on purpose to get everyone talking and build more and more publicity…” one person suggested.

“Surely some of it is intentional, Another speculated with a third saying, “It was only a matter of time before they jumped on the bandwagon… money grabbers.”

It's happened before

It's not the first time Kmart shoppers have spotted a lookalike sex toy in the aisle of Kmart.

One mum discovered a $29 Soft Play Triangle in the Kmart toy section bared a striking resemblance to a $190 sex-position wedge sold at an adult shop.

"Ladies, Kmart always comes out with the goods. It's a save of over $100," she wrote on social media.

Do the beauty buys work?

Kmart is well known for offering an affordable beauty range with shoppers raving about their OXX make-up range and beauty tools, the new budget personal care range does seem to be growing in popularity.

kmart x-rate beauty products
The range includes everything from electric facial cleaning brushes to LED light therapy masks. Photo: Facebook

“I wasn't expecting results from this to be honest but it has caused significant changes to my skin,” one person wrote in a review of the 2-in-1 Electronic Facial Cleansing Brush.


“My face feels fantastic after using this cleansing brush,” said another.

So if you can push past the x-rated comparison, Kmart’s personal care range is worth a look!

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