Kmart's 'incredible' clear fake tan flying off shelves: 'It's amazing'

Tanning season is upon us, and sun-smart Kmart shoppers are absolutely losing it over the store's latest budget summer beauty buy. The B.Tan Glow Your Own Way self-tanner is disappearing from shelves, with shoppers across TikTok and Facebook singing its praises — and with good reason.

Firstly, the item is only $18 and comes in a convenient pump bottle. But the best part is that it's completely clear, and as seasoned self-tanners will know, this is a huge plus. It can be applied without staining clothes or bed sheets and doesn't need to be washed off at all. It simply develops overnight.

Shoppers also love it for being fast drying and having zero sticky residue once applied.

“I’ve been influenced!” One Kmart shopper wrote on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook page, asking others if it really worked. The response was overwhelming.

Kmart clear self tan
The Glow Your Own Way self tanner available at Kmart is going viral thanks to it's clear formula and summer glow. Photo: Kmart/TikTok/megan.nicolls

“I use this all the time! You just apply it everywhere and make sure to rub it in as well as possible and wash your hands after,” one person advised.

“It works better than anything I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all! No need to wash. I apply after a night shower, and it still surprises me how brown I am in the morning!”

Another agreed that it was one of the best they’ve used.

“I put it on at night and then wake up the next morning and shower, and it’s fine! I use this at least every two weeks - it’s amazing! “


The self-tan is going viral on TikTok, too, with one shopper completely shocked by the results after nabbing the last one on shelves at her local store.

“I’m not convinced,” TikTok user @megan.nicolls told her 10,000 followers.

“I am a white, white girly. I need two layers of ultra-dark tan to have a colour…I’m really crossing my fingers that I’m wrong, and it is going to colour.”

After putting a piece of tape on her wrist to show the colour difference, it’s safe to say it definitely worked.

The clear tan is available in Kmart for $18 and Woolworths for $22, although plenty of people have said it’s very hard to get your hands on thanks to being too popular.

Kmart clear self tan
TikTokers are putting the tan to the test and it's safe to say they are all pretty impressed. Photo: TikTok/megan.nicolls

And although there are those who absolutely love it, there are those who aren't so convinced, with some saying it left them looking “orange and patchy”.

“This turned me into a literal carrot. I went so orange,” one person offered with another saying, “Don’t do it.. orange!”

But those who had used it multiple times said there is a trick to getting it right.

“Just be patient when you start using it because it took me a few times to figure out the right way of doing it,” one person warned.

Others added that it was essential to exfoliate, shave and moisturise beforehand and moisturise again after applying the tan. They also said that if you're applying to the face and neck, you need to apply it using a tanning mitt, gloves or a foundation brush.

“This is the most important part. Really buff each area a few times over because this is a clear tan if you miss places, you can’t tell!” one person advised.

“This tan dries pretty quickly, so you can get dressed almost immediately, but the colour develops fairly slowly. On me, it’s a great colour, so many people have stopped me & asked what tan I use!”

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