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X-rated hack for Kmart kid's toy leaves shoppers in hysterics: 'Need a safe word'

One Kmart customer has revealed a steamy secret use for a popular item.

An adventurous mum has shared a saucy secret after coming across an item in the toy section at Kmart that bares an uncanny resemblance to a sex toy.

While browsing her local Kmart, the woman stumbled across a $29 Soft Play Triangle and realised it looked remarkably similar to a $190 sex-position wedge she had her eye on from an adult shop.

Kmart's Soft Play Triangle; Lovehoney Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge
Kmart's Soft Play Triangle for kids sells for $29, while Lovehoney offers a strikingly similar Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge for $189.95. Photos: Kmart, Lovehoney

The woman shared the raunchy revelation with the Mums on A Budget Facebook group, stating "Ladies, Kmart always comes out with the goods. It's a save of over $100."

The resourceful mum shared pics of the Soft Play Triangle, a structure aimed at children aged three to eight, alongside the more expensive Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge, which is currently on sale for $189.95 on Lovehoney.


Designed to elevate pleasure by facilitating various sexual positions, the wedge, although sporting a more mature deep blue colour scheme, bears a striking resemblance to the play triangle.

The risqué dupe, which offers a saving of $161, had the group all hot under the collar, with the post garnering thousands of likes and over 500 saucy comments.

"I'm never going to be able to look at that triangle the same way ever again," one user admitted. Another quipped, "That's more bang for your buck," while someone else joked, "We now need a safe word to play with our child's toy."

Kmart's Soft Play Triangle; Lovehoney Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge
Although the two items bear a striking resemblance, their purposes couldn't be more different. Photo: Kmart, Lovehoney

Others chimed in, expressing their surprise at the untapped potential of Kmart's toy department, "I never think to look in the kids' section for adult stuff," shared one woman, while another added, "They're going to be sold out sooo fast now."

Amid the humour, one commenter speculated, "From now on if I see these in ladies' carts and they don't have kids with them, my mind is INSTANTLY going to think it's for fun time reasons."

Another observant commenter pointed out, "Now we know what that 4.9-star rating is really about," referencing the glowing reviews received by the Soft Play Triangle on Kmart's website.

Jokes continued to circulate, with suggestions for a dedicated "Kmart after-dark group" and humorous reflections on why Kmart keeps its doors open late. "Soft play is now a hard yes," she gleefully declared, crowning this Kmart discovery as the ultimate hack.

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