Aldi fans upset as $4 item removed: 'Can't find them!'

Aldi shoppers have been left disappointed after finding out their favourite $4 mini doughnuts have disappeared from shelves.

One fan took to the Aldi Mums Facebook group to share the news that the popular Sweet Haven-branded Mini Donuts and Urban Eats Mini Churros had disappeared from the freezer section of the store.

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"For those of you who were lucky enough to try these, l have some bad news," the woman wrote. "These were a great hit with my family, we absolutely loved them. Today l tried both of my stores and no luck, only to find out they have been deleted."

She continued, "I asked the worker why and she didn’t know. I told her they were the best and we loved them. She advised me that people will need to send an email to Aldi and complain. Only then they might make them a permanent item."


Aldi doughnuts
Aldi fans have been left 'gutted' after their favourite $4 mini doughnuts disappeared off shelves. Photo: Facebook

The woman said she was 'gutted' by the change, adding, "These were such a great treat for the family."

Other shoppers shared their annoyance at the retailer for removing the item.

"This is what annoys me about Aldi," one user wrote. "You buy things you like then go back and they are gone and they aren’t even a special buy. Annoying."

"Don't do this to us whilst in lockdown," another wrote alongside sad emojis.

"They always delete things that were popular. Drives me nuts," a third said.

"So strange that they keep deleting popular items. Hopefully making way for even better stuff," another said.

"I got told the mini Churros were seasonal (Aldi shop assistant said around 6months of the year??)," someone else revealed.

"They are a seasonal product and will be back again next winter," another user shared.

One user shared her own recipe to make doughnuts at home, writing, "Make your own. 2 cups S.R.flour, 1 cup vanilla yoghurt. Stir with a knife until combined.

"Take out of bowl onto a floured bench. Knead n roll into a sausage shape. Cut into rounds. Roll n shape into balls. Fry in deep oil. Turn over if needed. Drain when golden colour. Toss in sugar or vanilla sugar etc. Eat while still warm. They are delishhhh."

We might have to try this out!

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