Aldi shoppers' panic as top-rated item stripped from shelves: 'Nooo!'

With all that is going on in Australia right now, it's not the time for a favourite chocolate bar to disappear off the shelf.

Apparently, Aldi's mini Choceur chocolate blocks are becoming increasingly absent in-store, according to keen shoppers, particularly the milk chocolate variety, and it's not just the kids that are having meltdowns.

Aldi shopper
Aldi's products have become cult buys for a lot of fans of the store. Photo: Getty

With lockdowns in many eastern seaboard states, and the other states on high alert, the only thing getting us all through is snacks and wine – am I right girls or am I right?!

And when your favourite is not there, well it can seem like a complete disaster.


This is just what happened when one Aussie mum went to her local Aldi for a block of her favourite milk chocolate.

"When this is all that was left on the shelf, I asked someone and he said they have been deleted. Has anyone else noticed them no longer available?" she asked in an online Aldi Facebook group.

Aldi's mini Choceur chocolate blocks missin on shelves.
Aldi's mini Choceur chocolate blocks are currently in short supply at many stores - particularly the milk chocolate (blue wrapper) variety. Photo: Facebook

While other flavours were still available, the milk chocolate variety (blue for the uninitiated) was missing.

"There’s nothing other than these 3 flavours," the mum added, going on to say she asked an Aldi staff member about it and he thought they'd been discontinued.

"I asked him because there is no ticket for the milk or the hazelnut ones or other ones they used to have. The ticket says white, dark or marzipan which is all that’s there. He said once they sell out he assumes that’s it."

Aldi Choceur mini milk chocolate bars
The illusive Choceur mini milk chocolate bars. Photo: Aldi

She did add that the staff member said he'd seen them be discontinued in the past. "He did say they have been deleted before and come back so fingers crossed."

The post caused ripples across the community as other shoppers panicked about their favourite being out of stock.

"Nooo! They just brought back the dark chocolate mint one that I love," one person commented on the post.

"I just tried the dark mint this week, soooo good. I didn’t share one bit and I’m not sorry about it," another said.

Thankfully we've been able to confirm the milk chocolate variety will be back on the shelves very soon.

Phew, with my chocolate supplies now sorted, if only they'd bring back my favourite lavosh crackers I think I can get through this lockdown!

Aldi has become well known not just for their fantastic trend-led Special Buys but also for their high-quality food products, many of which become cult buys.

Products like their Elmsbury's Angus Beef Potato Pie, Halloumi Fries and their Spanakopita frequently sell out as fans rave about the taste, presentation and price.

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