Aldi shopper’s controversial checkout hack sparks debate: 'Stupid'

An Aldi shopper's controversial checkout hack has gone viral online sparking a heated debate among other fans of the supermarket, with some thinking it was taking things just a little 'too far'.

Everyone knows Aldi has one of the fastest checkout processes, encouraging customers to move to the packing bench on the side to sort their groceries into their bags so the line can keep moving.

However, one shopper seems to have come up with a bit of a 'sneaky' idea to slow the checkout worker down just a touch.

aldi checkout hack goes viral
One Aldi shopper's checkout hack has gone viral. Photo: Facebook

"In your face Aldi," it said on an image that was shared in the popular Aldi mum's Facebook group by another shopper.

"Just so we got time to pack."


The photo showed all of the shopper's items spaced out along the conveyer belt so the worker would have to wait for each item to arrive before being able to scan it.

aldi shopping trolley
Aldi is known for having a fast checkout process. Photo: Getty

Plenty of people praised the checkout tactic.

"Too funny," one person commented, while another simply called the idea: "Perfect".

But many others accused the shopper of being “selfish” and taking things "too far".

"That's just mean!" was one comment.

"Stop trying to pack your bags at the checkout. Put your groceries back into your trolley after they’ve been scanned and pack them at the packing area like you’re supposed to," another said.

"You don’t need to do stupid things like this if you just follow the rules," was another response, while a fourth wrote: "Meanwhile, there are 20 customers behind you."

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