'Life-changing' dressing gown hack goes viral on TikTok

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A woman has shared the moment she learned of another way to tie her dressing gown and let us tell you it's definitely one to consider trying out yourself.

"I feel like I've lived the last 28 and a half years of my life in some sort of f***ed up simulation," TikTok user emmaflicc_ began in a video that has since gone viral.

TikTok @emmaflicc_ shows dressing gown hack
Emma shared the moment she learned of another way to tie her dressing gown. Photo: TikTok/@emmaflicc_

"Because I was watching a video of this guy talking about how if you wrap your dressing gown like this, you've actually been doing it wrong."

Most of us - like Emma - have probably grown up tying the dressing gown string around our waists from the back to the front. But apparently there is another way, with Emma revealing that it now stops her gown from annoyingly shimmying open as she moves about.


"Well he said, what you have to do instead is put it at the front, wrap it and then tie it like this and let me tell you, this has changed my life," she praised.

"What other life hacks have I missed out on?"

dressing gown hack on tiktok
She said to loop and tie it through the front. Photo: TikTok/@emmaflicc_

The video has since had over 450K views, with plenty of other people sharing their shock at the hack.

"Why do shops display them with the tie wrapping around them then?? They could be saving us all if they displayed it properly!" one person commented.

"Changed my WHOLE world. You’re telling me I didn’t have to be flashing my roommates, when it gets loose, this whole time?!" another said.

While a third simply called it a "Game changer!!!"

A few however disagreed that this was the 'correct' way to tie a dressing gown, with one person pointing out: "nope, it's that length for a reason, if it was only to be tied at the front it would be much shorter."

Will you be giving it a whirl?

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