Woman's fitted-sheet beach hack stuns on TikTok: 'Genius!'

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With summer holidays in full swing, family trips to the beach are on many Aussie's agendas.

There are great items to make a day at the beach comfortable – from chairs and sunshades to eskies and beach trolleys.

Four images showing equipment needed for sand-free beach set up: Several storage containers, a large fitted sheet. Third image shows how containers are used to weigh down corners of the sheet so your towel can be placed inside it. The sheet's corners are held upright off the sand, making a well for the towel. Fourth image shows how one of the storage containers is filled with water for washing feet.
Rachel Austin shows what equipment is needed and how to set it up. Photo: Tiktok/@rrrachelaustinnn

But one annoying thing is when the kids trample sand all over your towels.

To be fair, it's not just the kids!

Given sand is all around you, it's hard for anyone to maintain a grit-free environment.

But TikTok has come to the rescue as users share an ingenious idea that requires beachgoers to pack two common household items – a fitted sheet and a plastic container.

Believe it or not, it's Americans who are showing us Aussies how to get a sand-free day.


US-based TikTokker Rachel Austin has shared this hack three times and each time it's gone viral.

The first time it racked up 9.5 million views, the second time 6.9 million views and the third time, showing her baby playing in the set-up, a still impressive 39,000.

"What?!?! fitted sheet?!? and water bucket for feet? why haven't I thought of this genius idea?" one follower wrote.

"For someone who is about to live on the beach…I am very appreciative," another said.

Many others just stated that it was a genius idea and a game-changer.

Hilariously one fan asked: "What do you call that enclosure and where can I buy it????" before Rachel put her straight, revealing it wasn't a sand shield but a fitted sheet!

While this set-up may not be worth the effort if you are simply popping down for a quick dip, if you intend to stay for a few hours, it's definitely worth it!

And if you want to easily remove that annoying sticky sand from legs, arms and hands as you leave the beach, we have another ingenious trick – baby powder.

Three images showing the beach set-up. The completed set up is shown under an umbrella in the first picture. Someone washes their feet in the plastic container before stepping onto the towel in the second and third images.
Rachel demonstrates her completed set-up. Photo: Tiktok/@rrrachelaustinnn

When TikTokker Haley Pewitt demonstrated how easy it was to remove sand with baby powder, she got more than two million views!

Now you will be ready to enjoy the beach and leave in a clean car.

Happy beaching!

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