Woman's fitted sheet folding hack stuns on TikTok: 'Mind blown'

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There’s nothing worse than taking your freshly washed bed sheets from the clothes line only to grapple with folding them and they end up in a heap in the basket.

One woman’s TikTok has been set alight after she came to the rescue and revealed how her mum manages to perfectly fold fitted sheets.

Woman folding a fitted sheet
A woman's fitted sheet folding hack has gone viral.TikTok/amymaree922

The woman folds the fitted sheet while it’s still on the line, first taking each side and folding them over each other.

Then, she folds the sides again, until they come together and form one long column.


This is when she takes the single column from the line and folds it so it ends up in a perfect parcel.

“Thanks Mum for the tip on how to fold a fitted sheet!” the woman captioned the video, which has been viewed over 191,000 times on the social media app.

Woman showing how to fold a fitted sheet
She folds each side in on itself. TikTok/amymaree922
Woman folding a fitted sheet on a clothes line
She also folds the other side. TikTok/amymaree922

People online were gobsmacked how easily the woman seemed to fold the sheet, with one person writing on Facebook: “WOAH - Mind blown... Did anyone else not know this or just me?”

“So rolling it in to a ball and shoving it in the cupboard is the wrong way?” one person jokingly responded.

“So does she just come over and do? Or do I need to book an appointment?” another person joked.

Folding a fitted sheet on a clothes line
It eds up as one column on the line. TikTok/amymaree922
taking a fitted sheet from a clothing line
She simply takes it off the line at this stage. TikTok/amymaree922
Woman with a folded fitted sheet
The end result is a perfectly folded fitted sheet. TikTok/amymaree922

Others said they have been using the same method for years, with one person revealing she folds everything as she takes them off the line as she “hates ironing with a passion”.

“I've been doing it this way for years, so much easier than wrestling it in the air,” another person wrote.

Others questioned how the sheet already looks so wrinkle-free as the woman is taking it off the line, with some saying it could be synthetic material.

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