Kylie Minogue's new look in surprise return to Australian TV

Kylie's back on our screens in a brand new role alongside Asher Keddie.

Kylie Minogue is making a surprise return to our TV screens and no, it won't be for another Ramsay Street reunion.

The Aussie superstar is set to feature in Binge's upcoming series Strife alongside Asher Keddie, with the show premiering December 6.

Playing a pop star named Gwen Lewis, Kylie's sporting a glamorous brunette look as her character navigates drama with Asher Keddie's character, magazine editor Evelyn Jones.

Kylie Minogue in Strife with Asher Keddie in background shot
Kylie Minogue in Strife. Photo:

The show is based around Evelyn who has become a leading force in women's media with her website Eve, with the series following Evelyn's journey as she navigates work, motherhood, and her relationship breakdown.


Kylie's character is set to clash with Evelyn after an untouched photo of Gwen is published to her website, with the pair then set to face off at a charity fundraiser.

Kylie's huge year

It's been a massive year for the Aussie singer after her song 'Padam Padam' became a huge hit after its release in May.

The song, which is up for Grammy for Best Pop Dance Recording, was so popular fans were petitioning for the phrase 'Padam Padam' to be recognised as a word in the dictionary.


"The question is 'what does it mean?'. Who knows!" Kylie said in an interview with The Project earlier this year. "I mean aside from the beating heart of Padam, it's become a noun, a verb, an adjective, a greeting... it's very versatile."

Many Kylie fans have taken to turning the phrase into their everyday vernacular, with fans petitioning to include it in the Oxford English Dictionary.

"It's taken on a life of its own and I am having the time of my life seeing what people are doing," Kylie said.

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