Baffling detail in Kylie Minogue's Neighbours return: 'So confused'

As fans farewelled Neighbours with an emotional 90-minute episode, many were left scratching their heads about Kylie Minogue's highly-anticipated return.

The iconic pop star made a cameo in the last episode, reprising her role as Charlene Mitchell alongside on-screen husband Jason Donovan, who played Scott Robinson.

While Neighbours teased her return for months, many fans questioned why she barely spoke during the final episode.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan appear in the last episode of Neighbours.
Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan in the Neighbours finale. Source: Ten

"Did the scriptwriters forget to devise a plot line for Kylie and Jason? I’m so confused. Why were they there?" one wrote on Twitter.

"Why did Kylie barely speak? So strange," another added.

"Why did Kylie have no lines?" somebody else questioned

"Did anyone else find it odd that Kylie Minogue barely had any lines as Charlene? Just a lot of smiling and laughing," a fourth commented.


Others shared speculation on why Kylie did not have a speaking part during the finale, with some suggesting she would no longer sound like her character.

"Obviously Kylie couldn’t hide her English accent. Still iconic," one said online.

"Is Charlene not speaking because they can’t explain her mysteriously acquiring an international accent in Coffs Harbour?" another commented.

"Blowing the budget with some CGI on the confetti is the reason they couldn’t afford to give Kylie any lines," a third joked.

Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue on the set of Neighbours.
Fans wondered why Kylie didn't appear to have any lines. Source: Twitter

"Now that it's done and dusted you can give us the goss – would giving Kylie a speaking part have blown the budget? Did she even offer a discount or nah?" somebody else joked.

"Anyone else hear Charlene say 'Harold' with her back turned? I think they had to dub the voice because Kylie may not be able to talk [like] Charlene anymore," another fan speculated.

Neighbours wrapped up on Thursday night after 37 years on our screens. It ended with Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne, offering an emotional monologue about life on Ramsay Street.

It was announced the show would be cancelled in March after the network was unable to secure alternative funding following the axing of the series by UK’s Channel 5.

Following the last episode, Neighbours tweeted a finale photo from the set with the caption: "Thanks for loving us, we love you."

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