Kylie Minogue's secret beef with Boy George revealed on The Project

The Aussie superstar was shocked to find out about her friend's secret betrayal.

Sarah Harris, Kylie Minogue The Project
Kylie Minogue was shocked to find out who really leaked her song 'Padam Padam'. Photo: Ten

Kylie Minogue found out the hard way that one of her nearest and dearest had betrayed her, during an interview with The Project.

The Aussie superstar was on the show to chat about her new album, her success with 'Padam Padam', and her Vegas residency when she learned that someone close to her had accidentally leaked her viral single 'Padam Padam'.

Sarah Harris noted The Project had Boy George on the show recently, where he admitted to leaking the song before Kylie was ready.


"Are you still speaking to him?" Sarah asked, as Kylie processed the question in shock.

"He did?!" she exclaimed.

"I didn't know," Kylie laughed.

"I'd like to think it was just pressing the wrong button, or that he was very excited, but naughty George!" Kylie said.

'Padam Padam'

Kate Langbroek noted that it seemed like Kylie's impact has also changed language with the phrase 'Padam Padam' potentially making it into the dictionary in the future.

"The question is 'what does it mean?'. Who knows!" Kylie exclaimed. "I mean aside from the beating heart of Padam, it's become a noun, a verb, an adjective, a greeting... it's very versatile."

Kylie Minogue released her latest album 'Tension' earlier this week. Photo:
Kylie Minogue released her latest album 'Tension' earlier this week. Photo:

Kylie has previously said the phrase was onomatopoeic. "D-dum, d-dum, like a heartbeat," she said in an interview on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show back in June.

Many Kylie fans have taken to turning the phrase into their everyday vernacular, with fans petitioning to include it in the Oxford English Dictionary.

"It's taken on a life of its own and I am having the time of my life seeing what people are doing," Kylie said.

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