How Kylie Kelce Came to a Fan's Rescue During Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Kylie Kelce and Taylor Swift have at least one trait in common–they both care deeply about others, especially concertgoers in need of help.

During Tuesday's (June 25) episode of the Calm Down with Erin and Charissa podcast, hosts Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson recalled their experience seeing the pop superstar perform in London this past weekend as part of her international Eras Tour. While there, the duo caught a glimpse of Kylie in action, coming to the aid of a fan.

Calling her the "MVP of the night," Andrews and Thompson said they saw the mom of three as they were walking through the stadium and back to their seats during the Folklore portion of the three-hour concert.

As Swift performed "Betty" for the crowd, the podcasters said they sprinted out of the bathroom and towards the sister-in-law of Swift's beau, Travis Kelce. After alluding to a brief introduction with Kylie, Andrews and Thompson began gushing over her, describing her as "amazing," a "really, really a cool girl" and "an amazing mother."

"She saw a fan, maybe that needed water, and right away didn't think twice," the two revealed. "She grabbed water from the tent and threw it at the fan. I was like, 'This chick is incredible.'"

Fans agreed, with one X (formerly Twitter) user writing, "I adore Kylie Kelce so much! She never disappoints."

"Queen Kylie for a reason," a second declared. "Kylie merch when?"

"oh princess kyana this is so sweet," someone else shared.

Like Kylie, the 14-time Grammy winner has also earned her fair share of praise after learning basic phrases, namely how to ask for help, in several different languages and using the knowledge to speak with security as they aided fans at concerts from Lisbon to Madrid and even in Lyon.

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