Taylor Swift Pauses Concert Mid-Song to Send a Message to Dublin Stadium Workers

Taylor Swift abruptly paused her latest Eras Tour performance after a fan in the crowd needed assistance—and the singer ended up giving a special shoutout to the stadium staff for taking care of the situation.

During the first of Swift's three sold-out Eras Tour shows at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, on Friday, June 28, the "Fortnight" songstress was in the middle of the Midnights segment of the show when she briefly paused the performance to call on security.

"We need some help over there," Swift said in a clip of Friday night's performance of "Lavender Haze," but the music superstar noticed almost immediately that the stadium staff was already on it.

"Assuming you got it—great," Swift, 34, said, before sending a message of gratitude to all the Aviva employees.

"Everyone who works in this stadium is amazing," Swift gushed before continuing with the song without missing a beat.

And some of Swift's fans seemed to agree that the stadium personnel was on another level, including one person who took to X to say, "the people at the stadium were truly amazing though. they were handing out water to people constantly."

Other Swifties applauded the 14-time Grammy winner for flawlessly singing the rest of the song, even with the interruption,

"Mann how is she so cool," one amazed fan wondered.

Someone else wrote, "I love the look on the dancers faces like wonder and amazement and they know her and are still awed by her."

Swift still has two more shows to perform in Dublin, where she will again take the stage at Aviva Stadium on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30.

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