Christie Brinkley Rocks Red-Hot ‘Farm Girl Look’ in New Photos From Her Garden

Fans are gushing over the latest images that Christie Brinkley shared on social media showing her in full summer mode.

The model was all smiles as she posed for photos in her garden while standing beneath a rose-dotted archway. Brinkley, 70, wore dark wash denim overalls over a bright red-hot tank top. In the first four photos in her five-part Instagram post on Thursday, June 27, she also casually draped a white denim jacket over her shoulders.

In her first photo, the mother of three flashed a large smile at the camera as she pulled one rose near her face while holding a straw hat with a navy band. She leaned toward the rose, revealing the leafy green garden and pebble-covered path behind her.

Brinkley closed her eyes as she enjoyed the scent of the rose in the second photo included in her series before letting go of the bloom and striking a pose for the third image. She tucked her hands in her pockets for the snapshot, smiling wide as the arms of her denim jacket flared out around her.

The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model struck a different pose for her fourth photo, placing her straw hat upon her head and revealing the tan sandals she wore as the camera’s view panned out slightly. Brinkley ditched her jacket for the post’s final photo, smiling again beneath the brim of her hat as the camera’s angle revealed the cloud-dotted blue sky above her.

Brinkley wrote in her caption that the post was, in part, “an excuse” to “encourage everyone to LOVE MORE! ❤️🤍💙.”

Several fans took to the comment section to applaud the model’s outfit, which one fan said was a “perfect 🌹4th of July pic ❤️🤍💙.”

“You look so cute in overalls! 👩‍🌾🧤,” one fan wrote as another praised her “farm girl look.”

One fan said Brinkley was “a stunning rose next to the roses!!!” as another declared her the “queen of the garden and flowers.”

“Love how you are both glamorous and a nature girl!!!” one Instagram user said while another noted that Brinkley’s outfit and the rose canopy were “very color coordinated ❤️.”

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