Céline Dion Shares Photo With Her 3 Sons During Rare Outing Amid Her Ongoing Health Battle

Céline Dion made a rare public appearance earlier this week in support of her hometown hockey team. Much to fans’ excitement, she brought her three sons along with her.

The “Queen of Power Ballads” hasn’t been spotted in public much since announcing her Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis in late 2022. However, she surprised fans in February when she stepped onstage at the 2024 Grammy Awards to present a trophy to Taylor Swift, and a few weeks later she was spotted chatting with hockey players in a locker room clip later shared on social media.

On Friday, June 28, Dion made another hockey-related appearance when she showed up at the 2024 NHL Draft in Las Vegas, Nev., to announced the Montreal Canadiens’ fifth draft pick.

The team’s general manager, Kent Hughes, introduced Dion, 56, to the stage as the team’s “No. 1 fan.” She walked up to the microphone with her oldest son, René-Charles, to the sound of cheers and applause from the audience. She kept a firm grip on her 23-year-old’s hand as they navigated around tables and made their way up a set of stairs to the stage. Her son then stepped to the side as she prepared to make the announcement.

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“Good evening everyone. I’m excited. I’m not even a hockey mom,” the “My Heart Will Go On” singer admitted with a laugh before getting down to business. “For the fifth overall selection in the 2024 NHL Draft, the Montreal Canadiens are proud to select Ivan Demidov.” A video clip that the NHL later shared on YouTube showed the Russian hockey player embracing people in the crowd around him as he celebrated the news.

In an Instagram post the next day, Dion revealed that all three of her sons had been with her to watch the 2024 NHL Draft in person. The four-part post included three photos of Dion posing with Demidov and others after she announced the team’s pick. The final photo included in her post was of Dion with René-Charles and her 13-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy, all of whom she shares with her late husband, René Angélil. The “Power of Love” singer congratulated Demidov in her caption and noted that she and her sons “had a lot of fun!”

Several fans left comments expressing their excitement at seeing the singer at this year’s NHL Draft.

“Wonderful! Love to see you enjoying these moments with your sons!” one fan wrote.

“Great photos and an amazing experience for you and the family. ❤,” another fan agreed.

“I was there and this was the biggest surprise ever for we the hockey fans!!!!! 😍😍❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏,” one person noted.

“Love seeing this Happy Healthy Whole family portrait! ❤️,” another Instagram user said.

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