Kylie Jenner slammed for 'cruel' fashion act: 'This is appalling'

The 25-year-old turned heads when she arrived at a Paris Fashion Week show.

Kylie Jenner has been slated online after making a ‘cruel’ fashion decision at Paris Fashion Week. The reality TV star attended the Schiaparelli Haute Couture 2023 fashion show in a tight, black, strapless dress.

The 25-year-old also wore a giant lion’s head attached to the right side of her dress. While the Schiaparelli outfit was made from foam, wool and silk faux fur, Kylie’s controversial fashion statement was condemned for 'encouraging trophy hunting'.

Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week wearing a lion head
Kylie Jenner chose to wore a realistic looking lion head to Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

The star shared a selection of photos from the event on Instagram and made sure to emphasise that the realistic lion head was fake.

“BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Thank you Daniel Roseberry and Schiaparelli for such a special morning. Wow I loved wearing this faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials. Beautiful beautiful,” she wrote in the caption, followed by two lion emojis.


Her celebrity pals commented on the post, with many saying she was giving “Leo energy”.

“My little lioness. You are so beautiful,” her mother Kris Jenner gushed.

“Obsessed,” wrote model Ashley Graham, while Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell left a row of fire emojis.

Two photos of Kylie Jenner wearing a black dress with a giant lion head on it
The reality TV star has been receiving heated backlash for wearing a fake lion head. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

However, her comment section was quickly flooded by angry fans who were "disgusted" by her horrific act.

“Regardless if this is faux, it’s still offensive for a damn lion head to be worn as an accessory and promoting it in such a way for fashion. So disappointing,” one wrote.

“This is appalling, so wrong on so many levels,” added another.

“Yeah this is extremely tasteless and pretty much promoting that it's ok to do this sort of thing when animals are becoming extinct. The Kardashians will go out of fashion soon,” a third pointed out.

“Firstly, on such a big platform with such huge numbers of followers, one should think twice about the repercussions of sharing a picture/post. Secondly, another living being is not fashion, [let alone] an endangered species. Even faux, it looks sad and my heart wrenched looking at it. Thirdly, it's not a beast, it's a marvellous animal, respect its existence,” another chimed in.

Others urged Kylie to speak out and create a campaign around her outfit to stop people hunting lions, tigers and other endangered species.

Kylie wasn’t the only one who wore fake animal heads, with models Irina Shayk and Naomi Campbell also sporting the bizarre design down the runway.


Liz Cabrera Holtz, Wildlife Campaign Manager at World Animal Protection US, told Yahoo Lifestyle that the heated backlash after the Schiaparelli stunt provides even more reason to ban ‘cruel’ trophy hunting.

According to the charity, US trophy hunters kill 100,000 wild animals overseas each year, with many bringing back animal body parts to display.

“People’s outrage is just more proof that trophy hunting is widely condemned by the public. Only a tiny percentage of the world participates in trophy hunting, usually the ultra-wealthy. World Animal Protection, US, is calling for zero-tolerance laws that ban trophy hunting and the importation of wild animal body parts,” she said in a statement.

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