X-rated detail in Kylie Jenner's son's name: 'Who wants to tell her?'

The reality TV star named her child Aire Webster.

Kylie Jenner has been brutally mocked on social media after announcing the new name of her second child, Aire Webster. She shares her 11-month-old son with her ex Travis Scott, who is also the father of her 4-year-old daughter Stormi.

The reality TV star kept her youngest child’s face under wraps for almost a year, but finally shared a snap of him on Instagram. While the pair originally called him Wolf, she dismissed that name after one week and then kept his new moniker secret.

L: Kylie Jenner and her son Aire Webster. R: Kylie Jenner in a bra
Kylie Jenner has accidentally given her son a name with an X-rated meaning. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

In the caption, she wrote simply ‘AIRE’, announcing his name to all her fans. In the comments, she confirmed that it was pronounced ‘air’ rather than ‘air-ee’.

People instantly sledged the makeup mogul for choosing to stick with an elemental theme, with one joking that her next child would be called ‘Windy’ or ‘Fire’.


To make matters worse, Lebanese-American Elie pointed out on TikTok that ‘Aire’ is a common X-rated term in Arabic, with the text reading: ‘A regrettable name choice in Arabic’.

“So which one of us Arabs wants to tell Kylie that she named her son ‘my penis’. Mmhmm, Aire means ‘my penis’ in Arabic,” he quipped.

Journalist Antoinette Lattouf also tweeted about the faux pas, asking if somebody should tell Kylie about the ‘my penis’ definition.

“I doubt many people have noticed. After all, Arabic is only spoken by around 415 million people,” she wrote in a sarcastic tweet.

Social media erupted, with Elie’s TikTok being viewed nearly 9 million times, and Antoinette’s tweet racking up over 100K views.

“Let her be. I’m waiting for the episode where one of her sisters says ‘Little Aire is getting so big’,” one person quipped.

“Aire in English means ‘mum’s trying too hard to be original and relevant’,” another commented.

“That’s funny!! Maybe next time she’ll do some research first!!” a third chimed in.


Others have predicted that Kylie will change her son’s name yet again, while some pointed out that the backlash was ‘weird’.

‘So before we name a child we should check its meaning in every language on earth? There are plenty of people with names that are embarrassing in English. Do you think they care? Of course not, and neither should they,” one person fired out.

“If you troll long enough you will find all sorts of meanings for names. This is just petty and frankly beneath you,” a second added.

“You’re talking about a child. Let’s not forget that,” another wrote.

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