Kyle Sandilands reveals insane cost of his wedding to Tegan Kynaston: 'Double what I spent'

$150,000 on flowers and $35,000 on caviar - this is going to be a wedding day to remember.

He’s set to marry the love of his life in front of all his friends and family in just over a month’s time and now DJ Kyle Sandilands has revealed just how much his celebrity wedding is going to cost.

His Kyle & Jackie O show co-host, Jackie O Henderson, was noticeably shocked when Kyle started listing out how much the bills are that are rolling in for his 130-person wedding to Tegan Kynaston.

Kyle Sandilands on air
Kyle Sandilands has revealed the insane amount of money he's spending on his wedding. Photo: Instagram/Kyle &. Jackie O Show.

“What are the bills like?” Jackie O asked Kyle on their breakfast radio show, with the shock jock answering: “They’re good, they’re manageable.”

“Manageable for you? Omg if they’re just manageable for you,” Jackie commented.

Kyle went on to say that there are “pages and pages” of documents relating to the wedding planning and there’s still not a total amount at the end, “because there’s still things to add”. However, he did notice one thing in particular.


Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston on a boat
Kyle and Tegan got engaged last year. Photo: Instagram/Tegan Kynaston
Kyle Sandilands with his girlfriend Tegan and baby Otto
Kyle and Tegan welcomed their baby boy Otto into the world in August. Photo: Instagram/Kyle & Jackie O Show

“The flowers are quite expensive,” he said, revealing that they’re spending $150,000 on flowers alone.

Guests will each get a bouquet of flowers to take home after the reception. However, Jackie O was flabbergasted at the amount the couple are spending on blooms.

“Kyle that’s more than I spent on my whole wedding, like double,” Jackie O said, revealing she spent $80k on her wedding.

As if that wasn't enough, Kyle went on to reveal they’re spending $100,000 on the catering and he’s forking out a big amount getting his family crest embroidered on linen serviettes, which guests can take home.

Kyle Sandilands and Otto
The proud dad is set to marry Tegan next month. Photo: Instagram/Kyle & Jackie O show

Kyle and Tegan are also dropping a whopping $35,000 on caviar for their guests, which Jackie O didn’t complain about.

“That’s worth it,” Jackie said. “I always think when you do that little sprinkle, that’s stuff that you remember.”

While Kyle’s musical performers are doing the gig for free, he said he’s still got to fly in members of the bands from around the country, adding to his growing wedding bill.


It comes after it was revealed that Kyle is reportedly locked into a three-year contract with the station, at $5 million a year

Kyle and Tegan got engaged in January 2022 while on a romantic getaway in Far North Queensland.

Just one month later, the pair announced they were set to welcome a baby into the world, with Tegan giving birth to a beautiful baby boy called Otto in August 2022.

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