Kyle Sandilands shares exciting baby news: 'All clear'

Kyle Sandilands first surprised listeners back in August when she shared the news that he and girlfriend Tegan Kynaston, 35, were trying for a baby.

A month later the 50-year-old shock jock revealed he would undergo fertility testing and has now shared the exciting news that he was given the 'all clear'.

kyle sandilands
The radio host previously revealed he would undergo fertility testing. Photo: Getty

"I was really nervous [about the fertility test] until it came back saying, 'Yep, it's all great, everything's fine'," Kyle told the Daily Mail this week.

He also added that he and Tegan had even tested the parenting experience by babysitting other people's children.

"We said, 'Oh let's babysit in case we hate it.' But we were running around and loving it," he told the publication.


kyle sandilands with Tegan Kynaston
He and girlfriend Tegan Kynaston are trying for a baby. Photo: Instagram/Tegan Kynaston

When asked what he'd like to name his child, Sandilands mused: "I wanted to call our son J'Majesty, but Tegan said no."

Speaking to Studio 10 previously, Kyle admitted he had always thought he would "never have kids".

"But I think that was left over residual from my childhood," he told host Sarah Harris.

"When the dust settles and you get a moment to pause like we all have during the pandemic, your priorities change," he continued.

kyle sandilands kissing tegan kynaston
Kyle previously said he had never thought about having kids until now. Photo: Instagram/tegankynaston

Kyle and Tegan have been dating since late 2019, before that he was with model Imogen Anthony for eight years and was married to singer Tamara Jaber from 2008 to 2010.

He had previously shared his thoughts on children, telling Daily Mail: "When you find the right person, things just feel right and it feels very natural to just go down that road."

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