Sunrise’s Nat Barr tells off Kyle Sandilands live on air: ‘Stop it’

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Kyle Sandilands was told off by Sunrise host Nat Barr when he appeared on the Channel 7 breakfast show this morning.

The Sydney personality was a guest on the program to celebrate his radio show with Jackie ‘O’ Henderson making history, but got a strong reaction from Nat when he started to joke about her husband.

Nat Barr and Kyle Sandilands.
Nat told Kyle to “stop it” when he started joking about her husband. Photo: Channel 7

Kyle and Jackie O took the number one spot in Australian radio from 2GB’s Ben Fordham in the latest ratings, a first for the duo after 21 years in the industry together.

Following the chat on Sunrise about their huge success, Kyle pulled out a copy of Nat Barr’s cover of The Australian Women’s Weekly to show the TV host.

“Look what I’m reading, look Nat,” he remarked, with Nat replying, “that’s so nice Kyle!”.


Kyle, who had video-called into the show from Port Douglas, then complimented Nat on her sons.

“These are good looking boys,” the 50-year-old said.

“Just by looking at the photos, I can tell what a great mum you are. Those kids, they look at you with adoring eyes. I admire that.”

Nat Barr on the cover of Women’s Weekly.
Nat’s Women’s Weekly cover from last month features her two teenage sons. Photo: Instagram/natalie_barr7

After Nat replied to the ‘king of the airwaves’, saying the photoshoot was a bit “scary” as they had never done anything like that before, Kyle asked her why her partner wasn’t featured.

“Where’s your husband? How come he’s been kept out?” he questioned.

“He won’t do anything,” Nat responded. “He hates publicity… He’s got his own life and his own job. He’s like, yeah, leave that to you.”

Nat and her husband Andrew Thompson, who is an Oscar-nominated film editor, have been married since 1995.

Nat Barr with her husband Andrew Thompson.
Nat Barr with her husband Andrew Thompson at the Australian premiere of Hamilton earlier this year. Photo: Getty

Kyle quickly called the Sunrise host’s husband a “diva” and insisted that journalists should discover what he’s hiding.

“I think press media should track down what Nat’s husband’s doing,” he quipped. “Let’s do a whole exposé on a day in the life of Nat’s husband.”

Nat, who had been laughing throughout the whole segment, then raised her finger and gave a stern warning to the radio host.

“Kyle, I’m going to go all mum on you,” she began. “Stop it.”

Kyle and Jackie O enjoyed a huge surge in listeners in the latest radio survey, claiming a 15.5 per cent share in the overall breakfast audience in June.

Earlier on the Sunrise, he explained to Nat and Kochie why he thinks he and Jackie perform so well.

“We’ve been doing radio a bit different to everyone else,” he detailed. “Everyone else has the same rule: Speak for three minutes, have a little laugh at the end and play the ad break.

“We’ve changed it. We talk for 20 minutes about something, because you can’t always get a good conversation in in three minutes.

Kyle also added that everyone who is a part of the show gets to have their say.

“We don’t just have the man and the girl, we have the full ensemble of all the other cast - the newsreader, all the producers, it’s like an episode of Seinfeld.”

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