Kyle Sandilands breaks down as he reveals secret health battle

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Kyle Sandilands has broken down in tears while revealing to his radio co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson about a secret condition he's been diagnosed with.

Kyle has given his friend Karl Stefanovic an exclusive interview for 60 Minutes which will air on Sunday night and the promo has revealed Kyle has a secret to share.

Kyle Sandilands and radio co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson on 60 Minutes
Kyle Sandilands breaks down in tears in a promo for 60 Minutes where he reveals to his radio co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson he's got a secret health condition. Photo: Nine

At one point in the interview, Kyle looks at Jackie with tears in his eyes, and says, "I love you and it's been wonderful."

When she asks why he's crying, he responds, "There's a condition that I've been diagnosed with that I haven't spoken to anyone about."

The promo then shows Jackie wiping tears from her eyes.

Earlier in the promo, the duo speak about getting to the number one position in the radio ratings, with Jackie saying, "I'm always worried you're going to say something and it'll just ruin you."

To which he quickly responded, "I don't give a f***," before adding that Jackie is the "yin to my yang".

He also laughingly said, "Millions of dollars of marketing has been spent on me being a bastard."

The promo was shared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show Instagram account with some fans worried he's tricking Jackie.

One user wrote, "Is Kyle doing an 'only lying'" with another user responding, "I was so concerned. Then I read your comment and I totally think it will be #typicalkyle."

Someone else wrote, "I’ve never seen Kyle like that, that breaks my heart."

Another fan wrote, "Wait, what! Please don't be anything serious."

In 2019, Kyle told The Daily Telegraph he had been warned to eat healthier and to stop his excessive drinking and casual drug use.

“I’ve still got high blood pressure and I’m still on medication like a mess. I had to get rid of chocolate and the rubbish food, I am eating better,” he said.

“I was like a teenage boy my entire life and that caught up with me so that had to get sorted out. Too much sugar, too much rubbish, not enough sleep, drug binges and whatever else was going on in my life at the time, it was my own stupidity. I feel different. I’ve lost about three belt sizes.”

He continued, “Now if I did one line I’d be dead in five seconds. I’m doing nothing. I am in bed by 8.30pm now, which is ridiculous. I never did a line of cocaine until I was like 35, I thought it was the devil.”

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