Kyle Sandilands goes into graphic detail about health issue

Kyle Sandilands has told listeners about his graphic health issue on his KIIS FM radio show.
Kyle Sandilands has told listeners about his graphic health issue. Photo: KIIS

Kyle Sandilands has gone into graphic detail about the health issue he’s currently facing.

The 48-year-old shock jock, who recently split from long-term partner Imogen Anthony, made the stomach-turning revelation during a cross-Pacific broadcast of the Kyle and Jackie O Show where Kyle dialled in from his studio in Los Angeles.

During the live correspondence, Kyle—who cited health issues as one of the factors in his recent separation—informed Jackie he was now suffering from diarrhoea which involved expelling ‘hot fluid’.

“What do you guys do to stop this? I don't know what to do,” he asked listeners. “I've had the doctor at the house, I've had everything, I've done everything.”

Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony at the ARIAS 2016
Kyle separated from his partner of eight years, Imogen Anthony, earlier this month. Photo: Getty Images

Kyle’s medical intervention

Kyle then sought advice from his co-host Jackie who recently found herself with similar symptoms of what she called a ‘serious medical issue’.

“This is how you feel every day of your life, right? How do you live like this?” Kyle asked after abandoning his mic mid-show to use the bathroom.

Although serious, Kyle was quick to apply his trademark humour to the situation, telling listeners he was afraid of attempting to pass gas in case it turned into something more solid.

“I don't even dare to give it a pressure test, you know what I mean? You give it a pressure test and a squirt comes out, that's the end of it,” he said.

“I'm in a Los Angeles studio. I don't have a spare pair of panties.”

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