Kyle and Jackie O producer slammed over 'awkward interview' with Dolly Parton

"He asked a question I feel no man should ever ask a woman."

The Kyle and Jackie O Show's producer Pete Deppeler, AKA Intern Pete, shocked the hosts when it was revealed he had hijacked an interview with Dolly Parton after forgetting to tell them they were scheduled to talk to the legendary singer one day.

Pete jumped onto a Zoom call with the 77-year-old singer, who thought she would be speaking with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson, which has been dubbed Pete's "most awkward" interview yet.

Kyle and Jackie O producer Intern Pete with Dolly Parton
Kyle and Jackie O producer Intern Pete has been slammed by the hosts after he hijacked an interview with Dolly Parton. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

The pre-recorded chat was done after the hosts had gone home one day, with Kyle telling listeners on Monday, "We were scheduled to do an interview with Dolly Parton. Intern Pete was in charge of organising that interview and, for one strange reason or another, he forgot to let us know."

"We left for the day and then Pete jumped into the studio and Zoomed himself up there with Dolly Parton."

"I love Dolly Parton, I love Miley [Cyrus], I would have enjoyed that," Kyle told Pete, referencing the fact Dolly is Miley's godmother.

Kyle was also shocked when Pete told a surprised Dolly a "full bulls**t" story that the hosts would be coming in to start the interview any moment, but he would start the chat off in the meantime.


"That makes us look worse!" Jackie said. "It just makes it look like we never showed up!"

Pete asked Dolly if she ever planned on retiring, with the singer saying, "No retiring, I'll just have to fall dead on the spot, but I'll be going for as long as I can!"

Kyle added that Pete then "asked a question I feel no man should ever ask a woman," which was how old she is. He then cut her off during another question.

"He asked her a question about being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but then cut her off before she could even finish," the shock jock added.

Pete, who hadn't written any questions for the interview, then asked Dolly whether she thought he was doing a good job.

Kyle Sandilands and his radio co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson were in shock when they heard the interview. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

"By the way, I thought I’d always check in with artists if I’m doing a good job or not because this is my first big international interview, Dolly," he said. "So where are we at? How do you think I’m going?"

"I think they'll let you keep your job," Dolly responded.

Things became seriously awkward when Pete then requested he and Dolly do a duet of her song 'Jolene', and while she was nice enough to say yes, she didn't hold back in her review of his singing.

"Is it the delay or is it because you can’t sing a lick?" she quipped.

Pete ended the interview by telling the superstar that he didn't have enough questions to fill the time and asked her to say that it was the "greatest" interview of all time, with the singer politely obliging.


"I just did an interview with Intern Pete and I think it's probably the best interview I have ever done in my entire life," she said.

"Let me just clarify for a second," a shocked Jackie said after listening to the whole interview. "You asked how old she was. So that was one question. You asked how old she was right, which anyone can Google. You asked her about the Hall of Fame but you didn't let her answer them. And then they're the only questions you asked, the rest was all about you!"

Pete apologised for his "terrible interview," with the hosts revealing he also asked Dolly to send him copies of her album.

While Pete said Dolly was "good" about the interview, Kyle said, "They're always nice when the tapes rolling, and then you hear, 'I never wanna talk to anyone Down Under again!'"

The hosts joked that they've been crossed off the list by the publicist.

One of the show's producers said that while Dolly is happy to chat with Kyle and Jackie O another time, she "never again" wants to talk to Pete.

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