Kyle and Jackie O blast 'misogynistic' guests: 'F**k off, clown!'

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson unleashed on podcasters Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes from the Fresh & Fit podcast on Friday morning after the men claimed women are the object of their male partners, even going so far as to compare them to cars.

The boys were guests on the Kyle and Jackie O show due to the fact one of their podcasts suggesting men and women aren't equals and it's OK for men to post to Instagram, but women in relationships shouldn't be allowed to do the same, went viral.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson unleashed on two 'misogynistic' guests who claimed women are the object of their male partners. Photo: KIIS FM

Myron also claimed that if a woman who's in a relationship has Instagram, it should be considered cheating, something that Kyle initially agreed with.

"I think if you're in a serious relationship with a girl, she should not have an Instagram, that's cheating in my opinion," Myron said in a piece of audio from the viral podcast. "I think a woman having Instagram is 100 per cent cheating, especially if she has scantily clad photos of herself on the internet.

"She's not making money off it, which a lot of women tend to do, it's for attention. And I think, for women, attention is like sex is for men. So you know women love that attention from the opposite gender and if you've got a serious relationship with a girl and she has a for sale sign on her neck I think that's very disrespectful."


During the interview Jackie attempted to set the record straight, questioning whether the boys really believe women in relationships shouldn't have Instagram accounts, with the boys responding that they do believe it's cheating.

"Cheating... what about the guy?" Jackie questioned. "If he's in a relationship is he allowed to have Instagram?"

Rather than answering, they hit back, questioning Jackie, "Are men and women equal?"

"Yeah, of course," she responded.

Myron Gaines and Jackie O
Myron Gaines shared a number of 'misogynistic and egotistical' views during his time on the show and was slammed by Jackie O. Photo: KIIS FM

"No, we're not. At all," they said as Jackie began questioning what they mean when they say 'equal'.

"Well, the definition of equality is being the same in quantity, size, degree or value and nothing between us is equal. We're very different," they said.

Woman are 'like cars'

They then began comparing women to cars and saying that a man doesn't want a woman that has been test-driven by another man or has "high mileage".

"They might not admit this, but men are territorial with their women," the boys continued. "This is why women that are promiscuous have a very difficult time getting men to commit to them because men don't want to be with women that other men have been with or they don't want a girl that has high mileage."

"I own my car, I don't own my partner in a relationship," Jackie said, attempting to explain that their analogy didn't fly with her.

Every time she tried to speak, the boys would interrupt, asking to let them finish what they were saying, and adding that she was letting "her feelings get in the way of basic logic".

"Um, so here's the thing, I'm explaining to you how men view relationships," they said. "You might not like it, it might hurt your feelings. You might say 'I'm not a piece of property', whatever. But with all due respect f*** your feelings."

'Misogynistic and egotisical'

"You're actually misogynistic and egotistical and it's kind of a concern the way you view relationships like you have ownership of women," Jackie hit back. "Yeah, that's kind of how it's coming across... 'If I'm gonna give you my last name, and I'm gonna commit to you then you're not allowed to have a for sale sign around your neck by being in a bikini.' That kind of behaviour is like what scares me in a relationship. I would never want to be with a guy that's like that."

"If I'm going to commit to you, give you a marriage, give you a title, give you a ring, give you children. I expect a certain type of woman," they said.

Jackie kept her cool and told the boys they were living in the 1960s and that she doesn't need security from a man and that she's the one who supports her partner in a relationship, pointing out that many women are in the same boat.

It got to the point where Jackie yelled at Kyle to "speak up" and share his views on the matter with the shock jock joking that he and Jackie haven't been "allowed" to talk during the interview because the podcasters wouldn't stop speaking over them.

Kyle finally jumped in, saying what the boys are describing is a "jealousy issue".

"I do agree with Jackie, that your partner shouldn't be like a pet, you don't own them," Kyle said.

'F**k off, clown!'

After a few more minutes, the boys continued, saying men can get away with having more than one woman, throwing out names like Hugh Hefner and Dan Bilzerian who famously had "hordes of women" around them.

When Kyle attempted to say that he spoke to Dan recently and that the poker player spoke of how lonely he was, the podcasters continued to interrupt him, leading to a huge outburst.

Podcasters Myron Gaines (left) and Walter Weekes (right) from the Fresh & Fit podcast. Photo: Instagram/Fresh and Fit podcast
Podcasters Myron Gaines (left) and Walter Weekes (right) from the Fresh & Fit podcast. Photo: Instagram/Fresh and Fit podcast

"I'm sick of you asking to finish your long boring answers that are the same answer every time we ask you a question!" Kyle began yelling. "F**k off, clown! I can turn you off as well! Just turn these clowns off!

"See ya fellas, grow up! Ring us back when you're 30 and you've got half a brain and you're not running around being led by your own d**ks!"

He continued, "These are just misogynist toads, that have got a bit of a podcast and all their followers are probably also misogynists and that's just the way it is, it takes all types to make the world go around."

"Yeah, unfortunately, there are men out there on podcasts that have an audience that actually believe this stuff and are influencing people with these antiquated views about women," Jackie added.

One caller compared the boys' message to saying, "If you wear a bikini, you're asking to get assaulted."

Listener support

Angie Kent commented on an Instagram post about the altercation, "Yesssssss! Go offffff @jackieo_official queen 👏🏽 This guy is the utmost cockwomble and I love watching him be told off by women. I hate how he speaks over women. Like his opinion is actually relevant. Splish, splash his opinion is trashhhhhhh!"

"Loved the way you dealt with this poor excuse for a man," another added.

"'F**k your feelings,' how is that not deemed as a toxic trait in itself let alone all the other stuff he said. That one line was basically enough for me to say this guy shouldn’t be talking about relationship stuff at all," a third added.

Many others shared their support for Jackie in the comments.

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