Kyle Sandilands apologises for 'embarrassing' on-air meltdown: 'Out of my mind'

Kyle Sandilands returned to the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning, apologising for his "embarrassing" on-air meltdown, which saw him storm out of the studio on Wednesday.

The radio shock jock lost his temper following a discussion about former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's leaked texts calling Prime Minister Scott Morrison a "complete psycho" and a "fraud", before sensationally walking off the radio show after hurling insults at his co-host Jackie O Henderson and newsreader Brooklyn Ross.

Kyle Sandilands on the Kyle and Jackie O Show
Kyle Sandilands returned to the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning. Photo: KIIS FM

"Hello Kyle. Good to have you back. How are you feeling today?" Jackie O asked.

"Are you OK over there? You look like you’re going to cry," she added, before Kyle apologised to his co-host for calling her an “idiot", revealing he’d been "out of my mind" with anger when he left the building the previous day.

"Oh, it’s a bit embarrassing, yesterday’s carry-on," Kyle said.

"I felt very justified, but I did get my back up a bit – but that happens among friends."


He also said the attention his furious outburst got made him "look stupid".

"I was reading an article yesterday, and it said I went on a 12-minute meltdown. Was it 12 minutes? Of me continually screaming and carrying on?" he asked.

angry Kyle Sandilands and shocked Jackie O
Kyle Sandilands walked off his radio show after hurling insults at his co-host Jackie O Henderson. Photo: KIIS FM
Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks about his management of the pandemic at the National Press Club
Prime Minister Scott Morrison was questioned over the private messages at the National Press Club on February 01. Photo: Getty

Kyle became enraged after newsreader Brooklyn and Jackie O continued to discuss the newsworthiness of the Scott Morrison text scandal.

"This is not real news. Don’t make up fictitious bulls**t drama over nothing.... I’m angry. This is the way the world has been ruined – by d***heads on the news turning these things into bulls**t moments," he said, before hurling insults at his colleagues.

"You just show how dumb you all are, you idiots," Kyle said.

“Oh my god, what’s up with you this morning?” Jackie O questioned.

Things escalated when Brooklyn again tried to offer his opinion, with Kyle blasting the journalist: "Just turn your mic off ***. You’re finished! Get out!"

“Are you serious? I don’t understand," a clearly shocked Jackie O said.

“I’m going home, F**K you. Do the show by yourself, what a f**king show it’ll be,” Kyle concluded, storming out of the studio.

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