Kmart's viral $6 item divides shoppers: 'Disappointed'

The item has been flying off the shelves however customers have described it as 'underwhelming'.

A Kmart shopper has revealed her disappointment after finally getting her hands on a $6 item flying off the discount department store's shelves.

The woman shared a clip on TikTok account @karaaaashley showing off jars of strawberry-flavoured crispy marshmallows in a Kmart store, which went viral on the social media platform last year.

Nabbing a jar for herself, the shopper said she had been waiting "literally four months" to try them.

"When they went viral I went to every single possible Kmart I could go to and I couldn't get them," she said in her video.

"And now is the moment where I'm trying them for the very first time.

"Oh my Lord, they smell like fairy floss ... this has been a long time coming, I've never waited this long to try food."

A woman holding a jar of Kmart marshmallows next to the outside of a Kmart store.
The Kmart shopper said the treat was 'underwhelming'. Source: TikTok/@Karaaaashley

The shopper then popped one of the marshmallows in her mouth and pulled an uncertain expression as she munched away before letting out a hesitant giggle.

"OK I've never tasted anything like this before," the disappointed shopper said.

"Hmmm, OK ... underwhelming."


Many others agreed with the shopper's take on the popular sugary treat.

"I finally found them when I went up north on holiday they did not live up to the hype ... I was disappointed," one commented.

"They weren’t as great as I thought they would be with how everyone hyped them up. Give them a 3 out of 10," another said.

"I have had them they aren’t that good I’m not a huge fan!!" a third added.

Kmart's Strawberry-flavoured Crispy Marshmallows spilling out of a jar.
Kmart's crispy marshmallows went viral on social media last year. Source: Kmart

Others however were disappointed they had not yet been able to try them, while the Kmart shopper added an update saying she had been snacking on the treat for six hours and couldn't stop.

The crispy marshmallows began flying off the shelves after TikTokers shared viral videos last year commenting on how tasty they were.


One shopper who finally got her hands on them in November said they had been sold out from stores for weeks and her online order was cancelled because it could not be fulfilled.

In a video of her taste test, she said they were worth the hype.

Another TikToker said she had never been "more excited about something" in her entire life.

"I could probably eat this whole thing in one night," she added.

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