Kmart’s $30 dupe of $450 Le Creuset cookware flies off shelves: 'OBSESSED'

Shoppers have gone into a buying frenzy over Kmart’s new $30 cast iron pots, which many have deemed an affordable dupe of Le Creuset’s iconic cookware.

French cookware manufacturer Le Creuset’s famous cast iron pots typically retail for $450, meaning savvy Aussie shoppers can save a massive $420 by opting for the Kmart alternative.

The four-litre cast iron casserole pot, which was previously released in blue and grey, is now available in on-trend blush pink and sage green.

Stills from TikTok video showing Kmart cast iron casserole pot
Shoppers are rushing to buy Kmart's new $30 cast iron pots. Source: TikTok/@Lunamoor

Kmart's cast iron pots are designed for slow-cooked meals, casseroles and stews, and can be used both in the oven or on all stovetops.

A Sydney-based shopper recently went viral on TikTok when she showcased her Kmart cast iron pot in a video that has since amassed more than 619,800 views and 57,400 likes.

“Kmart pulling through with a pink cast iron pot for $30,” wrote @Lunamoor in her TikTok video.

“Capitalism really popped off today ladies,” jokes the shopper as she lifts the lid of the four-litre casserole pot.

Kmart's $30 Le Creuset dupe goes viral

Although the Kmart fan didn't review the Le Creuset dupe, the video didn’t stop Aussie TikTok users from going into a frenzy over the discount cookware.

“I finally found this the other day after searching for WEEKS. Now I can’t stop using it. If it’s not pink, I don’t want it,” commented one shopper.

“I have the exact same one, used it for three years and it’s in perfect condition. Do not pay $300, go to Kmart,” commented a second.

Kmart versus Le Creuset cast iron casserole pot
Spot the difference: Kmart's $30 blush cast iron post (left) has been compared to Le Creuset's $450 signature cast iron casserole pot (right). Source: Kmart Australia/Le Creuset

"I have the white one and it's incredible. Tried it before buying a Le Creuset, but it's actually amazing so don't need to!" wrote a third.

While another wrote: "I got one of these and I am OBSESSED. It's so cute and easy to use, easy to clean, etc! I bought it for when I move out too and I'm stoked."

'Be careful' warn Kmart shoppers

Online reviews for Kmart's cast iron casserole pot reflect the same positive sentiments, with an average 4.9-star rating from 88 customers on their retailer's website for the blue version.

Customer reviews indicate the cast iron pots are "great quality", "great value for money", "wonderful" and "amazing" to use for home cooking.

Sourdough baked in Le Creuset dupe from Kmart
One happy Kmart customer shared a snap of the freshly baked sourdough she made in the Le Creuset dupe. Photo: Facebook

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, there were several shoppers who warned fellow customers to “be careful” when cooking with the bargain cookware.

“Mine broke on my stove after a year, be careful!” warned one shopper.

"My lid broke on my Kmart one so be careful. I hadn’t even used it yet," cautioned another.

While a third woman recommended that home cooks "try not to cook with it above 180 Celsius" to avoid breakages.

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