The simple Kmart plant stand hack Aussie mums love

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Greening up is all the trend, softening the edges of your house and making it a home.

Kmart is fabulous for pots and faux plants to add greenery, but one clever Victorian mum hacked plant stands for an even better result.

"I paired Kmart plant stands with dishware to create staggered stands for my bathroom," Sharon shared on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page.

Photos of Kmart plant stands upcycled with different tops for different decors, including plates, bowls, bread boards and pot plants.
Sharon upcycled her Kmart pot stands with Kmart dishes for her bathroom. Photo: supplied


Sharon's simple hack has already garnered 3,600 likes and more than 380 comments.

"Genius!!! I’ve been looking for an outdoor side-table solution and I think you’ve inspired me!!!! Thank you," one fan wrote.

"This! Stealing this idea!! I need a mini side table for my nursery!!" another added.

"I tried so hard to find pots to fit those stands and couldn't," one mum wrote.

"Wish I'd thought of that."

"Can they start making ones like these!! I want a set now; so clever," another said.

Various sized plant stands from Kmart from $5.50 based on metal struts joined in a tube to hold a plant; at right, is the Kmart pricing label from the online store.
The plant stands from Kmart range from $5.50 to $6.50. Photo: Kmart

"I saw the metal stands after my daughter got some, but the modern look does not suit my house," Sharon told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I didn't think much of them on their own and I always modify things to suit my own tastes.

"I thought they would make great risers and wanted to show others how simple it could be, paired with other Kmart items like their dishware."

A few people questioned Sharon about how she'd secured the tops to the stands.

"The lowest one has a dinner plate and just sits on, and the two higher ones accommodate the rim underneath the butter plate and bowl," she said.

"Nothing is glued down, as I wasn't sure whether I wanted the wooden serving plates instead.

"[You] could use fencing staples underneath (u shaped) if attaching timber rounds, but gorilla glue for dishes."

One woman shared how she had used the same hack to create a side table for her living room.

"Love this hack!," she wrote.

"Purchased the timber ones and made two side tables that match my coffee table perfectly!"

Two views of a plant stand with a cutting board on top to make a side table, shown in a loungeroom setting on beige carpet.
One woman used the same hack to create a side table for her living room. Photo: Supplied

This is not the first time Sharon has used her creativity to enhance her home.

"I also used the $8 jar of crystal rocks from Kmart and glued the largest ones to the handles of my vanity in the same bathroom," she revealed.

A jar of jade quartz crystals, a close up of the crystal stuck on a door handle, a bathroom cabinet with jade crystals as door handles
Sharon has also used Kmart decorative crystals to bespoke her bathroom cabinets. Photo: Supplied

But Sharon was surprised at the amount of feedback from group members.

"I was overwhelmed by the positive comments and the fact everyone seemed to love it enough to share," she said.

"It has made me want to think up more hacks.

"I am not much of a shopper and make a lot of my decor, as I prefer unique pieces rather than something everyone has.

I like to incorporate nature into my decor every chance I get.

"I have been considering doing a YouTube channel for affordable decor hacks."

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