Kmart mum's incredible couch transformation with $19 item: 'Amazing'

A mum has gone viral for her simple Kmart hack that has completely changed her living room.

Roxi Leow posted her genius idea on a popular Facebook group, claiming to have the perfect solution to combat messy toddlers.

A picture of a Grey couch with a Kmart throw covering each cushion.
A Kmart mum has found the perfect way to protect her couch from mess. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia

Sharing a photo of her couch which didn't seem to be anything special, she shared that she had actually covered each couch cushion with a $19 blanket to keep mess away.

“Need a couch cover idea? We bought a new couch and I am terrified of my 2.5-year-old ruining it with dribble, snot, sticky fingers and food etc,” she wrote.

“I ended up in Kmart, colour matching the Alaska Throw ($19) and covering each individual cushion with a blanket. You can hardly even tell and now I can remove and wash if they get dirty. I’m so happy!” she shared excitedly.


She mentioned that her Nick Scali couch was already scotch guarded and came with an accidental stain warranty, but joked that she doesn’t trust her son due to how messy he is.

Roxi explained that she tucked the throw in tightly, so there are no grooves or wrinkles visible.

The post quickly went viral on Facebook, with many mums applauding the fantastic idea.

“Awesome, thanks for the tip! I have the same colour lounge and 21-month-old,” one mum said.

“Looks like I’m running off to Kmart soon to do mine! Thanks for the brilliant idea!” another added.

“I’m shook!! Thought it was just the lounge suite, that’s amazing,” a third wrote.

“Cheaper to ditch the kid though,” another mum joked.

These Alaska Throws are only $19 at Kmart, which is a steal. Photo: Kmart
These Alaska Throws are only $19 at Kmart, which is a steal. Photo: Kmart

Some people played devil’s advocate and pointed out that the throws wouldn’t help if there was a big accident.

“Trouble is the throws aren’t waterproof, so an accident with a drink, vomit, etc won’t do anything. You’ve got kids so relax, we all want nice things but lighten up and live. Life’s too short to worry about marks on furniture and having a show home,” one user pointed out.

“Sorry but you are going to end up with all that and more on your beautiful lounge. That’s just life with kids. Best thing I ever bought was one of the small Bissell cleaners, it has been a life saver,” another mum suggested.

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