Mum creates 'freaking brilliant' hanging rail out of $2 Kmart product

It takes a creative mind to turn a cheap piece of wood into something useful and that's just what happened when Queensland mum Tessara spotted Kmart's wooden door stops.

When she shared her upcycle on a Kmart lovers Facebook page, fellow group members were stunned by the results.

"I created a DIY hanging rail for my boys nursery using [a] $2.25 Kmart door stop," Tessara shared on the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook page.

"All the parts needed totalled $13.50, I used:

  • 2 x $2.25 @kmartaus doorstops

  • a $6.50 packet of @commandanz picture hanging strips (available at Kmart)

  • a piece of dowel, I had some around but an 8mm x 1.2m piece is $2.50 at @bunnings

"The doorstops come with an anti-slip piece stuck onto the base, I removed this before attaching the command mounting strips."

A Gold Coast mum's step by step images of transforming $2.25 Kmart door stops. Left: applying adhesive to the doorstop. Middle: inserting dowel after securing door stops to the wall. Right: Hanging baby clothes to the new hanging rail
A Gold Coast mum transforms $2.25 Kmart door stops into a hanging rail. Photo: Supplied

"Freaking brilliant idea!" one person commented on the post.

"This is a cute idea for a nursery," another added.

"How are people this creative? I would never think to do this. Looks amazing I love it!!!" one person wrote, with another adding "some people just see it!!!!"

On her Instagram page, Tessara said that it was: "an easy peasy addition to your home which adds style and doesn’t damage your walls."

It was just spotting the door stops when shopping that gave Tessara the idea.

"I was shopping at Kmart and noticed the door stops had a little pull loop on them and thought it would be perfect to add a piece of dowel and hang a rail without having to damage any walls," the mum of one from the Gold Coast told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I'm constantly changing what's hanging up on my walls so I avoid screws and nails where I can," she added.

"And the feedback has been great. Mums are using this solution in their homes to hang caps by the buckle, or hats with the addition of a hat hook, some are using it to store their scarves in the closet. It’s a renter-friendly way to add your own touch of style," she said.

Styling Advice

She also had some guidance for others who were looking to update their homes in a budget-friendly manner.

"Styling doesn’t have to be expensive, I use a lot of Kmart, Target, and BigW pieces throughout my home, from bigger furniture items through to smaller decor pieces," she revealed.

"When there is something expensive I have my heart set on I set an alert on Facebook Marketplace to find it second-hand."

"Before styling a space I decide on a colour scheme and stick to it. In my home, I’ve used light wood look furniture throughout and by avoiding any darker wood furniture the style stays consistent throughout and looks more cohesive."

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