Mum's 'great' Kmart hack for hiding messy toys: 'Off to Kmart I go'

A mum has been praised for her ‘awesome’ Kmart hack using just two simple items.

Posting on a popular Facebook group, Heather detailed the way she manages to keep her daughter’s room tidy and free of clutter.

L: Kmart bean bag in the woman's house. R: Kmart bean bag with a kid inside it.
A savvy mum has repurposed a Kmart bean bag as storage for soft toys. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

Alongside two pictures of a colourful beanbag, she wrote: “I was so sick of seeing stuffed toys. I saw this bean bag cover at Kmart and thought I’d try it out as a storage option.”

Heather now uses the bean bag cover as storage, but it also doubles as a comfy play spot for her daughter as well.

“I put a key ring on the zip so that my little one can access the toys when she needs to. She thinks it’s comfy, and that’s all that matters. It’s a good size too!” she added.


Mums quickly flooded the post with comments, praising Heather for her brilliant idea.

“That’s an awesome solution to ‘what do we do with the 100 teddies our kids have collected and refuse to give away’ problem. Love it,” one mum wrote.

“Ours is currently full of beans but I’m scared the dog is going to pop it. Definitely changing over to stuffed toys!” a second added.

“That’s a great idea!!!! Off to Kmart I go,” another said.

Image of the Unicorn coloured Kmart bean bag on a white background
This bean bag retails at Kmart for only $29. Photo: Kmart

One mum even warned the others of a hilarious problem that could come about if you try this hack out.

“I’ve done this with two large bean bags in my lounge, and every time you sit on one of them, Donkey from Shrek speaks to you,” she wrote.

The bean bag pictured is the ‘Unicorn Faux Fur Bean Bag’, and it’s a steal at only $29. Customers who have purchased it have described it as ‘cute and soft’ as well as ‘great quality’.

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