Kmart website fail leaves shoppers in stitches: 'Excuse me?'

A Kmart fan has shared the hilarious fail she found on the retailer's website while searching the site for a round table cloth.

Taking to a popular Kmart Facebook group, the shopper shared a photo of the search page where she had typed "table cloth round".

Kmart website fail
A Kmart fan has shared the hilarious fail she found on the retailer's website while looking for a round table cloth. Photo: Facebook

However, the website was unable to find what she was looking for and instead asked if she was looking for something else entirely.


"Did you mean 'table crotch round table close round crotch close'?" the website read.

"Oh nothing.... just trying to search for a round table cloth..... EXCUSE ME?????" the woman shared along with a number of laughing emojis.

kmart shoppers comment on website fail on facebook
Commenters found the mistake hilarious. Photo: Facebook

Other Facebook users found the mistake hilarious with one responding, "Like yes yes I did mean to be searching for table crotches sorry... deeaaad."

"Am I the only one curious to see what comes up when you click the link to its 'did you mean'? Yes... okay," another said.

"Hahahaha table crotch like that's even a thing to be searching for what the..." someone else added.

"Try searching crotch and maybe it will come up," a fourth joked.

Kmart website search
Unfortunately, the same fail did not come up for us. Photo: Yahoo

"Does that mean somebody has already done a search for table crotch?" another wondered.

"Sounds uncomfortable," one added.

Many others tried offering tips for where to find table cloths, not realising the suggestion made by the site.

Sadly, the same suggestion did not pop up for this reporter. Instead, it simply suggested "table close round close".

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