Frustrated shopper points out flaw in Kmart, Big W jeans on TikTok

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Buying pants without trying them on can be a bit of a gamble, considering many shops have differing sizes, but one TikTok user has shown that you shouldn't even trust the same store to provide the same sizes.

The TikToker, whose name is Ashleigh, uploaded a video where she shows three pairs of size 14 pants from Big W and Kmart, but none of them are actually the same size.

Difference in three pairs of jeans from Big W and Kmart
A frustrated TikTok user has shared an issue she discovered after purchasing jeans from Kmart and Big W, revealing they were all different sizes. Photo: TikTok/@ashleighchronicles

"Some new size 14 pants I got from Kmart, another pair of new size 14 pants I got from Kmart, a pair of size 14 pants from Big W," she said showing the three pairs of pants on top of each other.

She added, "So, what the f*** is this?" as she revealed not even the two pairs of Kmart pants were the same size.


Commenters were also annoyed by the fact none of the pants were similar in size with one user questioning why women's clothing wasn't instead sized by using centimetres. 

"YES!!! Why is it not like men's and standard," someone responded, with another joking, "Because then they wouldn't be able to give us complexes."

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One user added, "I compared two different pants at Kmart once. One was size 10 then the other a 14 and they were the same width. Tags were correct too apparently."

"OMG I thought I was the only one! Am I a 14? A 16? 18? I don't know anymore," another said.

"I have three pairs of jeans from Kmart, 12, 14 and 16... they all fit me the same, couldn't tell you what size I actually am," someone else wrote.

"It's called vanity sizing. Brands lean towards specific demographics and target markets. There is no consistent sizing model within clothing," another said.

"It's a freaking joke, isn't it?" one added.

"I did this today in Kmart and almost cried! I feel better now and I also purchased from [Big W]," another shocked customer wrote.

Others wrote that due to the sizing inconsistencies between brands, they no longer care what size they buy. 

Someone else suggested it could be the dyeing process that causes different colours to shrink at different rates.

Another reason for the size inconsistencies could be down to how high rise the jeans are, but Ashleigh confirmed they still didn't fit correctly despite this.

Many others called for standardising in women's clothing sizes.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart for comment.

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