Kmart wall print detail leaves TikToker in shock: 'Can't unsee'

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A woman has taken to TikTok to express her shock after noticing an odd detail in her Kmart wall print.

“I thought this picture from Kmart was beautiful,” the woman started the video.

Kmart logo
A woman has shared a 'hilarious' detail in her Kmart wall print. Photo: Getty Images

The wall art, which retails for about $19, shows a beautiful beach scene, with the sand and sea covered in a light pink light.

“We put it above our bed,” she continued. She then zoomed in on one aspect of the picture, in the far left corner, revealing: “Then I saw the dog nugget.”


Kmart wall print
'I thought this picture from Kmart was beautiful', she wrote. Photo: TikTok/MoniMooshroom

People were quick to comment saying they also have the same wall print and went to look at their own one straight after seeing this video.

“Must be on all of them,” one woman wrote after checking her canvas.

“I’m just gonna pretend it’s not there,” another person wrote.

Kmart wall print on TikTok
'Then I saw the dog nugget'. Photo: TokTok/MoniMooshroom
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“OMG that’s hilarious, next time I’m in Kmart I need to look,” a commenter wrote.

Others weren’t so sure that the woman is right with her observation, with one person saying: “It’s a rock”.

The video comes just weeks after Kmart was roasted online after a woman shared a fail she spotted on a diary.

The $5 ‘Plan Big Diary’ contains 112 sheets, with the website saying: “Make the most of each day by using this diary for planning, goal-setting, note-taking and more.”

However, this Kmart shopper was left confused when she opened it up and the whole thing was upside down.

“I think Kmart stuffed up a little,” she captioned the post, alongside a laughing emoji.

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