Kmart superfan reveals the 'best ever' time to shop at the store to bag a bargain

Get ready to shop till you drop.

A popular Aussie TikToker has revealed the best time to hit up Kmart to find fully stocked shelves, after what she calls "the best experience I've ever had at Kmart in my entire life".

Heading to her local store in Broadway, NSW, Danika-Jade said she went to check out new homewares at the budget retailer when she made a pleasant discovery.

Stills from Kmart shopper's TikTok video
The TikToker was overjoyed to find the perfect time to shop at Kmart. Photo: TikTok/@thecakeupartist

"Go on a Sunday morning, but go before the [other] shops open. Kmart opens at 8am, you can get there and there is no-one else in there, just the workers," she said in the video.

Apart from pretty much having the place to yourself at this time of day, you'll the shop has been reset overnight and everything is where it should be. "The whole place is so tidy and clean and if you're going in for new season finds like I was, you're going to have free roam of the whole store."


Although many Kmart fans said they love to head in store at night to shop, shopping in the early morning makes more sense if you're looking to score popular items.

"This is a service for the people and I want to show you everything that you've probably seen popping up online," Danika-Jade added, referring to the dozens of new season items being slowly released in stores.

What she scored

Taking viewers on a tour through the well-stocked store, the excited shopper visited the clothing, makeup, pet, homewares and kitchen sections before sharing precisely what she picked up over a three-part series of videos.

Her extensive shop and $60 haul proved her theory right, with her videos showing plenty of new products on shelves. Her finds included colourful glassware, decorative tea towels, functional kitchenware and summer serving plates.

Stills from Kmart shopper's TikTok video
The Kmart fan made a bee-line for the store's new homewares range. Photo: TikTok/@thecakeupartist

Fellow Kmart fans agreed that early morning is the best time to shop. "I've been doing that hack for years! It's also really good on a Wednesday night when all the other shops have closed at 5:30," one viewer responded.

Ideal day to shop at Kmart

However, a Kmart employee chimed in to reveal that although early morning is indeed a great time to shop, one day of the week is the best of all.

"Worker here: prime time is actually Saturday morning before 9am — we stock the shelves all week during the day and do a deep clean on Friday night," the staff member shared.

Some shoppers said the tip wouldn't work for them as their local stores are open 24 hours a day. "My Kmart is open 24/7 so I can go at 3am or 1am," one viewer stated. "I've figured out when to get to my local 24-hour Kmart at night when the shelves are all full and nobody's there," agreed another.

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