Kmart shopper's home decor hack turns $15 vase into stunning $40 dupe

With many Aussies feeling the pinch at the moment, this homewares hack will save you a few dollars.

Kmart fans have been left stunned after one clever shopper’s hack totally transformed an old vase into a pricey-looking homewares dupe.

The original $15 vase from the budget retailer flew off shelves when it was first released, with many DIY fanatics keen to work their magic by giving it a new look. Several have since shared their crafty hacks for turning the simple vase into a “gorgeous” addition to their home.

Kmart vase hack
The impressive hack gave this two-year-old Kmart vase a new lease of life. Source: Facebook

But one shopper has taken the hack to a new level, creating a coastal vibes decor item for a fraction of the price of similar-looking pieces.

Sharing how she did it, the Kmart customer said she “loved to create texture” to her homewares and upcycled two vases from the budget retailer with surprising results.

“Both Kmart vases, one was black, the other glass…now Coastal beauties,” she wrote alongside a picture of her creation on the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia Facebook page.

“Using the Kmart paint I mixed it with bicarbonate of soda to get a very thick paste and painted on gently with a paintbrush. Voila!”

She added that the glass vase was purchased at Kmart over two years ago but had been sitting in her cupboard before she decided to give it a complete refresh.

“It was my first go at the bicarb paint project, now it's out on display every day,” she said.


Her little hack resulted in a dazzling design that saw her creations look strikingly similar to vases available in homewares ranges at Adairs and Pillow Talk which range from $40 to $70.

Fellow fans were impressed with her work labelling her new vases “absolutely gorgeous”.

“These look awesome, thanks for the great tip,” one person commented, with another adding “Great job, they look fantastic!”

Kmart vase hack
The final product saw two stunning homewares pieces created for a budget price. Source: Facebook

Another fan said she was “ amazed” at how talented she was to create such a beautiful addition to her home with a few inexpensive items.

Meanwhile, others who had also hacked the same vase said it was well worth the $15.

“I brought the black vase from Kmart to do the exact same thing. Really looks fabulous,” another person offered.

Although most were impressed with the clever hack, some had a word of warning when using it in certain areas of the home.

“They look fantastic - but my practical side is wondering what happens if they get wet? Does the bicarb/paint mixture come off?” one person questioned.

Kmart vase hack
Before and after the stunning transformation saw the $15 vase transformed into a pricey looking homewares piece. Source: Kmart/Facebook

Another person who had given tried the hack confirmed that the paint and bicarb mixture did indeed come off if it came into contact with water.

The textured layers of paint were also impacted by placing them in “humid areas” of the home too, with the paint eventually peeling off the vase.

But the original poster had a way around that saying, “I don't add water to the vases, just keep them without real flowers, just dried.”

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