Kmart storage solution leaves shoppers confused: 'Isn’t she stuck now?'

While some loved the idea, others were hung up on one small detail.

Kmart has released its latest storage solution but it has left some shoppers a little confused.

Known for its affordable gadgets for the home, the budget retailer's latest offering is no exception. The $15 Behind the Door Airer has 4.5-star reviews for being the perfect solution for anyone who has “limited space for drying clothes”.

The dryer fits snuggly over a door and is held in place by inbuilt magnets. The official Kmart Australia Facebook page posted a video about how to use the popular item recently, but it left the majority of people scratching their heads.

Kmart Clothes Dryer
The air dryer video left shoppers confused about how to use the air dryer. Photo: Kmart

The video shows how easy it is to mount the air dryer onto the door and hang clothes, however, there was one detail that left people puzzled.

“Might be a blonde moment but if you have the door closed while in the laundry, and you have it all set up with clothes in it how do you open the door to get inside the house?” one confused person wrote.

“Isn’t she stuck in the room now?” asked another, while a third said, “Is she just going to stand in the laundry waiting for the clothes to dry?”


Several others agreed that the Kmart video had it all wrong saying that even if she could get out of the room, if she opened the door the hanger would damage the wall.

“This works until you open the door, then the great idea is no more. Stuck in the wall!” someone else pointed out.

Space-saving solution declared 'brilliant'

Despite the odd detail in the video, plenty of others who had purchased the space-saving solution said it was a winner.

Kmart Clothes Dryer
Some said you could easily damage your door or walls by hanging the clothes dryer on the inside of the door. Photo: Kmart

“I have this hanging on my back door, we don't use the door and it is brilliant for items that can't go in the dryer,” one impressed shopper said.

“I’m using it to hang items to dry on hangers like dresses and shirts. It folds away neatly when not in use, “ another said in an online review.

Kmart Clothes Dryer hangs on wall folded (left) and opened (right).
The $15 popular storage item has been flying off shelves since it hit stores in January. Photo: Kmart

Others said it was great to take along on camping and caravanning holidays thanks to its easy-to-store design.

The new design was launched early this year and comes after hundreds of Kmart shoppers hacked the $79 Kmart Deluxe Laundry Airing Station to make their own wall-mounted clothes drying zone.

Showing off the hack on social media, one mum demonstrated how she dismantled the clothes airer and then mounted parts of it to create an indoor hanging space that neatly folds away after use.

Kmart airer hangs on wall.
Kmart shoppers hacked the store's $79 free-standing air dryer to create a wall-mounted airer. Photo: Facebook

“Possibly my favourite and most practical Kmart hack so far,” she wrote on Facebook. “Kmart deluxe clothes airer works perfectly mounted to the wall in my laundry, with a central heating vent underneath.”


Thankfully, Kmart seems to have given customers exactly what they wanted, well, when it’s mounted the right way that is.

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