Kmart shoppers can't wait to try 'genius' laundry trick: 'Best hack yet'

Short on hanging space? This could be the perfect solution.

Do you constantly find yourself short on hanging space come laundry day? Well, one woman has solved just that problem with this crafty Kmart hack and her fellow washers are loving the ‘life-changing’ tip.

Using the $79 Kmart Deluxe Laundry Airing Station, the woman gave her laundry routine a serious glow-up with her time-saving, space-conscious and cost-effective laundry hanging solution.

Kmart clothes airing station attached to a wall, folded and extended with washing
The $79 Kmart clothes airer has been transformed into an easy-to-use laundry hanging station. Photo: Facebook.

To pull off the hack she dismantled the clothes airer so she could mount the parts she wanted on the wall, creating a seamless indoor hanging space that neatly folds away after use.

“Possibly my favourite and most practical Kmart hack so far,” she wrote on social media. “Kmart deluxe clothes airer works perfectly mounted to the wall in my laundry, with a central heating vent underneath.”

Her post instantly went viral, receiving more than 2000 likes and over 400 comments featuring dozens of people who said they couldn't wait to try the hack.

“Oh this would be awesome in my laundry! What a great hack,” one person commented. “Omg I want to do this,” another agreed. “Super clever well done you," replied someone else. "I want one!”


Explaining how she did it, the woman from Victoria said it was easy to do, so long as you've got the right tools. “It was easy enough to unscrew most pieces with a screwdriver," she said. "The top section doesn’t have normal screws so I just cut it off with a hack saw."

Kmart laundry airing station against a grey background
The extra-large laundry airing station has received dozens of rave reviews online with many saying it's 'the best clothes dryer' they've used. Photo: Kmart

Easy to install and the perfect fit for even the narrowest laundry spaces, she also saved herself some serious money, with similar indoor wall-mounted stations costing hundreds of dollars. Other handy homemakers who tried the hack were just as impressed too: “My husband put mine up yesterday. Such a great hack. I love it,” one person wrote.

Kmart laundry hack
Several people have tried the hack confirming that it not only works well, but is sturdy enough too. Source: Facebook

“Winter is coming! How good is this hack from the Kmart Delux laundry airing station,” a second shared along with pictures of her newly installed hanger.

“It’s really easy! Just need to pre-drill the holes into the metal frame then make sure you attach it to a stud on the wall so it’s secure.”

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