Kmart's $25 sunset smart lamp flying off the shelves: 'Run!'

Mood lighting is not new, but once was something only the rich could afford. Now, ambient lighting is available at all price points, and a new Kmart offering has got people excited.

It can change a room's atmosphere, bringing peace and relaxation or fun and energy.

While most of us know the many benefits of natural light, curating our lighting based on our moods and activity can be very satisfying.

Retail giant Kmart is always at the forefront of home trends, while providing products at bargain-basement prices. So, it's no surprise a TikTok video highlighting a great new lighting product has gone viral.

Stills from Tiktok video showing off Kmart's new sunset light, first in its packaging, then a finger hovering over the tablet control, then a room bathed in pink hues.
Bianca shows off Kmart's new sunset light, which fans are loving. Photo: TikTok/@biancalemos_

"RUN, don’t walk to your nearest Kmart for this Sunset Lamp," TikTok user Bianca posted.

Kmart says the colour-changing LED lamp, with a music-activated light mode transforms: " ... any space into a calming oasis where everything is drenched in the soft sun; whether you're looking to create a warm glow or fiery blaze, the Smart Sunset Lamp is suitable for every occasion!"


It can also be remotely controlled anytime, anywhere, via the Genio app and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In just 24 hours, Bianca's clip clocked up 1.6 million views, 215,000 likes and almost 6,000 comments.

"I KNEW I should wait till Kmart bring these out instead of waiting for one from overseas," one viewer said.

"I got one yesterday, I had to ask for one because they weren't even on the shelves yet!! I love it," another fan wrote.

Others worried such a cool new find wouldn't be around for long.

"Another thing that Kmart will already be sold out of AGH," one person posted.

While another poster then confirmed the worst: "I got up early to go get ONE & he told me that one person bought the last SEVENTEEN right before I got there !!!! Who needs 17?!" they said.

The new smart Sunset Lamp from  Kmart is pictured on its black base and stand next to its online store listing.
The new smart Sunset Lamp is a bargain at $25. Photo: Kmart

At just $25, no wonder people are lining up to get their hands on it!

With smart home tech more desirable and affordable, thanks to retailers like Kmart, Bianca might be right about running not walking to ensure you light up your home.

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