Kmart $4 product sending shoppers into a spin: 'So good!'

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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Who doesn’t want salon-styled hair when you wake in the morning?

It might be a whole lot easier than you think, thanks to a $4 fuss-free tool from Kmart.

The budget hair product is sending customers crazy.

It's an easy-to-use hair curler that requires no heating and minimal effort - the magic happens while you sleep.

The contents and packaging of a kmart hair roller, all pictured in pink, including a clip and scrunchies.
Dubbed the miracle hair curler, this heatless hair roller will give you salon-worthy hair while you sleep. Photo: Kmart

It’s had rave reviews on TikTok and Facebook, with women saying they are “in love” with the salon blow-wave lookalike results.

Some have even said the heatless hack roller performs better than the high-end hairstyling tool, the Dyson hair wrap.

“From the videos I’ve seen, a lot have said it’s as good as doing a blowout on the Dyson air wrap,” one posted on social media.


Meanwhile, TikTok has been flooded with how-to videos showing off impressive results.

The Heatless Hair Roller promises “gorgeous curls without damaging your tresses”, simply by sleeping with your hair wrapped around the giant roller.

How it works

While it sounds strange, let us explain: the giant, long hair curler works like smaller bendy curlers, except because there’s just one - it’s a lot faster.

Simply place the band along the hairline and use the included claw clip to secure at the top of the head.

A woman with long dark hair shows how she wraps her hair around the pink Kmart hair roller and uses the scrunchies to hold it in place. At right, the product and its clip are pictured in her hand.
A TikTokker and self-confessed Kmart addict demonstrates how to use the in-demand budget styling tool. Photo: TikTok/islahpalmer

Wrap small locks around the band, continuing all the way down, then secure the ends with a scrunchie.

Repeat on the other side.

The tighter you wrap the hair and the higher you secure the scrunchie, the bouncier the curl will be.

Then, simply sleep with it in place overnight for the best results.

It can be used on wet or dry hair.

Why everyone loves it

Kmart customers have been praising the $4 product on social media, with beauty TikTokkers offering tutorials and others asking if really works.

One excited person wrote: “It's sooo good, I am hopeless with a curling iron and this is giving me the low-key curls of my dreams! I'm going to sleep with it in again!”

A woman with long dark hair is shown curling her hair around the giant roller tube, then later removing it to reveal long curled tresses.
After sleeping with the giant hair roller in place, you simply lift it out to reveal styled hair. Photo: TikTok/islahpalmer

“Works great, had awesome curls in the morning,” added another.

“I wore it to bed last night with a silk scarf wrapped over the top and loved the way it looked this morning,” a third confirmed.

Others said their curls stayed in for a “good six hours”, with the addition of hair spray and mousse styling products.

Woman with long dark hair shows off the curls she was left with after removing the Kmart hair roller
The results speak for themselves and happy customers have said their hair held the curl for up to six hours. Photo: TikTok/islahpalmer

What to do if you can’t find one

The item is currently flying off shelves, making it hard to get a hold of, but thankfully, there’s a hair hack offering similar results.

“I do the same thing with my dressing gown tie,” one person shared.

“Bathrobe does the exact same thing,” another agreed.

“If you want loose curls, get the Kmart one, but if you want tight curls, just use bathrobe tie thing,” another suggested.

If you really want to give the heatless curler a try and your local Kmart is sold out, similar versions are available online.

Amazon sells a similar $12.99 version or others sell for $4.99 on Ebay.

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