Kmart $5.50 hack people are loving: 'Genius!'

If there's a hack to make life easier, particularly if it involves housework and Kmart, we're onboard!

So when TikTok user Michael, of Adelaide, shared his ingenious idea to get his home and car smelling great with a quick and cheap product from our favourite discount retailer, we wanted to know more.

"I don't know if this is cheating or not, but these Kmart fragrance pods, they're meant to go in a diffuser, but I just keep them in my car," Michael explained in his video.

"I also put one in my undies and socks drawer.

"Is it a hack or me just being lazy?"

Three images of hands, one picking up a Kmart fragrance pod from its display box, the next showing it for the camera in vanilla flavour and the third with its fragrance disk shown as Michael places it in his car.
Michael shared his hack for the Kmart fragrance pod on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@michaelbeauty_


It wasn't just us!

Michael's video has been watched by 800,000 people and received 50,000 likes in just four days, so it's definitely hit a chord.

"Sounds like a good hack to me." one wrote.

"Genius," another said.

"Oooo, what a great idea (adds to Kmart list)," a third added.

Michael had even rated the three fragrances (Vanilla, Ocean Flowers and Berry Twist).

"The vanilla one = DEELISH," he wrote.

Others have been using the pods in their bathrooms, linen closets and even air-conditioning units!

"Put one in your vacuum filter too ;) you'll thank me later," one fan suggested.

"I do this in my bathroom!! Smells so good and lasts two months," another wrote.

Others had been unknowingly using the hack.

"Omg, I have been doing this for like two months; I didn't know if was for a diffuser I just thought it was a air fresher thingy," one woman wrote.

But others warned against using it in cars.

"Would it melt all over your car in summer? I’m intrigued, but also really don’t want to have to clean a waxy spill," a follower wrote.

Others quickly confirmed it could.

"I did the same in my car and it melted; now it’s stuck there forever," one warned.

"Yeah it’s great till it melts in your car," another added.

Despite that, many were quick to praise and try the hack.

"All the people who actually use the diffuser and now can’t get the replacement pods, I'm sorry," Michael apologised.

Unfortunately, it may be harder than people realised - it seems that Kmart has discontinued them.

"This product is at the end of its life cycle and on clearance, hence why you are unable to see online," a spokesperson for Kmart told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

"At this point, it is not being ranged moving forward."

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