Kmart shoppers lose it over 'vagina-looking' comfort pants

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Kmart shoppers have been left in hysterics after a pair of comfort pants sold by the popular department store went viral online, as some people pointed out the colour and loose fabric made them look a little awkward.

One shopper took to a popular Kmart Facebook group to share a photo of the Slouchy Comfort Pants that retail for $9-$15, in particular the pink version, which left some people scratching their heads.

Kmart store in melbourne
A pair of Kmart pants have caused a stir online. Photo: Getty

"Marketing failure," they captioned the photo of the pants bunched up at the crouch.

And while they didn't exactly point out what they thought was amiss, comments quickly flooded in from people saying the pants reminded them of a 'vagina'.


kmart pink Slouchy Comfort Pants look like vagina
The Slouchy Comfort Pants had people in hysterics. Photo: Facebook

“I prefer to wear my vagina on the inside of my pants thanks” one person commented.

“A nice shade of vulva pink.. no thanks,” was another response.

"Comes with a built in camel toe," another mused.

While a fourth wrote: "Oh dear."


There were however plenty of shoppers that revealed they already owned the pants in question, raving about how comfortable they indeed were.

“They may be a marketing failure but I bought a pair and a size bigger too and they are damn comfy. Use them as indoor pants though,” one said.

"I have these as my PJ pants and my god they are so comfy. Wouldn't wear them out though," another said.

"THEY’RE SO COMFY THOUGH," was another 'loud' supporter's comment.

On Kmart's website the pants also come in other colour options including Midnight blue, Oatmeal, white strip and green stripe.

Kmart slouchy comfort pants in white
The pants also come in Midnight blue, Oatmeal, white strip and green stripe. Photo: Kmart

Despite the comparisons, some people pointed out that in the end Kmart was the winner.

“Marketing genius! Look how many are talking about it and no doubt went to look online for it! Hilarious either way!” one person said.

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